RVC and Government of Sverdlovsk region have entered into NTI development agreement


RVC and the Government of the Sverdlovsk region agreed on the cooperation in the field of development of the National Technology Initiative (NTI) projects. The agreement was signed by the deputy Governor of Sverdlovsk region Aleksey Orlov and deputy general director — director of innovation structure development of RVC Mikhail Antonov within the framework of opening of the first in the region "Boiling Point".

Agreement with RVC implies search for, selection and development in Sverdlovsk region for perspective NTI markets - unmanned transport, neuro technologies, intellectual power energy, personalized medicine etc. In the region, work on creation of the roadmap — a detailed plan of measures to implement National Technology initiative will start.

The important direction of cooperation between RVC and the region authorities will be joint preparation of the highly qualified specialists for the need of NTI and technological business. For this purpose, an RVC course "Innovation economy and technological entrepreneurship" intended for 3-4 course of the bachelor's programme will be integrated in the Ural Federal University. Based on the results of passing through the educational program, the students will be able to receive base knowledge and skills necessary to launch the start-ups.

RVC and the Government of Sverdlovsk region will also cooperate in the field of increase of venture financing in the region, development of start-up community and innovation ecosystem. GenerationS accelerator under RVC franchising can be open in Ekaterinburg.

"For the four years of NTI implementation, we accumulated good experience in interaction with the regions: tens cooperation agreements are signed, the first "project factories" are launched. Today, RVC completes its work on the regional NTI standard — collection of the methodological recommendations for the authorities, universities and technological companies that want to become a part of the initiative, Mikhail Antonov commented. — Sverdlovsk Region is a source of the strong science driven projects for NTI: Yekaterinburg is traditionally included in top 3 cities for the number of applications submitted to GenerationS, and in the season 2017/2018, the project from Yekaterinburg IRWAY became accelerator winner."

"The region is an active participant of the National Technology Initiative, this is new market niches, new products, this is support infrastructure for implementation of new ideas, and of course, this is a talent development framework for a new industry. Together with the NTI project office, Russian Venture Company, we will turn these ideas into reality", Aleksey Orlov noted.

National Technology Initiative is a long-term state program aimed at creation of new markets and development of the conditions for technological leadership of Russia by 2035. Within NTI framework, 8 roadmaps are approved for the following markets: Aeronet, Autonet, Marinet, Neuronet, Healthnet, Energynet, Technet and Circle movement, about 500 projects received financing. NTI project office is RVC.

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