Two new projects of the National Technology Initiative received state support.


Inter-agency task force that implements National Technology Initiative (NTI) affiliated to the Governmental committee for economy modernization and innovative development of Russia approved support of two high technology projects. The state will provide financial assistance to developments of Energynet and Aeronet markets.

"TOPAZ" (vendor — InEnergy company)

The first in the world portable power energy source — generator named "Topaz" — will significantly overcome accumulator batteries in its parameters. It can permanently generate power energy from organic fuel (for example, natural gas) at air temperature from — 40 to +50 degrees. A prototype that less unit wait and enormous power capacity is produced. Today, the most powerful accumulator can provide about 200 watt-hours per 1 kg, "Topaz" — 3 000 watt-hours.

The device can be used by special services, robotic engineers, polar explorers and tourists, summer visitors and everybody who needs "infinite" charger for the gadgets.

The funds for the Fund of NTI projects support will be allocated for project development.

"Aero-tomography" (vendor — Novosibirsk State University (NSU))

Development and creation of the breakthrough complex for remote geophysical exploration using unmanned aircrafts. Unmanned aircrafts is equipped with mobile computing complex, communications systems, spatial navigation and automatic piloting and magnetometer, gas analyser and gamma monitor. The technology makes it possible to explore deposits of solid minerals (ores) and carry out ecological monitoring in locations that were previously hard or impossible to access, including Arctic, high relief in remote districts, jungles and tundra. Using this complex makes it possible to decrease expenses for geological exploration comparing to traditional land survey.

Innovation measurement method allows the implementation of tomographic approach to processing of the received data with high definition determination of the location of diamond pipes, iron-ore deposits, polymetallic ores and other materials in the interior of the earth. Project objective is to create an international company offering geophysics services and launch it on the Russian and foreign markets. Potential market capacity is estimated to be tens of billions dollars.

The funds for the Fund of NTI projects support will be allocated for project development.

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