Three new projects of the National technological Initiatives receive state support


The interdepartmental working group on the implementation of the National Technology Initiative (NTI) under the Government Commission for the Modernization of the Economy and Innovative Development of Russia approved the support of three high-tech projects. The state will assist with the developments in the markets of the Circle Movement and Avtonet.

"WORK" (performer — NTI Project Support Fund, co-author of RVC)

The WORK project is an annual international maker festival in Moscow as well as a network of circle activities aimed at developing engineering creativity and creating a community of technical enthusiasts in Russia. By 2021, the project organizers are going to hold 40 thematic events in 30 cities of Russia, which will gather more than 100 thousand participants.

“WORK” festivals will allow young people to increase their interest in new technologies, test ideas before launching into production and “promote” a sought-after competence of the project and team approach from a young age.

Digital platform for talent management (performer — Jet Infosystems JSC)

The project aims at creating a promising management complex of individual educational trajectories of talented youth. The digital talent management platform includes:

  • an aggregator of information on traffic participants from various open sources; 
  • a broker platform for creating a unite information space for exchanging data about a person; 
  • aggregator of services provided by external systems (major sources) in the field of education; 
  • intellectual service for the formation of an individual trajectory of the development of the participant of the “Circle Movement” using machine learning methods and other BigData handling technologies.

The platform is visited by the participants and organizers of the Circle Movement, high-tech entrepreneurs, corporations with high-tech resource needs.

Integration of the platform with the Leader-ID system, “20.35” University, WorldSkills movement will expand their audience through the participants of the “Circle movement”. In the future, it is planned to use the broker-services platform to connect new data providers as part of the development of a single NTI information space.


The project aims to collect and aggregate automotive and transport data of already existing digital systems. This is data on the physiological state of a person, operation of a car, the external environment: road quality, weather conditions, geography of use and so on. Today, data is collected by many companies separately, but it is of great value for the formation of new services.

Until the end of the year, the specialists of the NTI Avtonet market will begin working on the project. It is assumed that dozens of companies from the transport and other markets will take part in the project. It is necessary to carry out work on the analysis of data, their formatting, determination of the order of use, storage, transmission, and definition of the regulatory framework. An outline design is expected to be held by the end of the year, pilot zones will be launched next year, and pilot operation is scheduled for the third year.


In 2017, the interdepartmental group on the development and implementation of NTI under the Presidium of the Presidential Council for Economic Modernization and Innovative Development approved 21 projects of NTI markets. 11 projects were approved in 2016.

The National Technology Initiative is a long-term state program aimed at creating new markets and achieving Russia's global technological leadership by 2035. The design office for NTI is RVC.

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