Around 1,800 Russian Schools to Conduct an NTI Class


More than 1,800 schools in 412 cities have applied for a class from the National Technology Initiative. The largest number of schools that included a lesson in the program in St. Petersburg is 240 educational institutions. The first three included Novosibirsk — 163 schools, and Moscow — over 140. The engineering lesson is also conducted by schools in Nizhny Novgorod, Izhevsk, Chelyabinsk, Krasnoyarsk, Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Kazan, Murmansk, Lipetsk, and other cities and towns.

The lesson of the National Technology Initiative is designed for students in grades 8-10. The goal of the program is to acquaint school students with NTI, talk about future professions and involve them in solving actual engineering problems. In total, schools are offered six lesson options that correspond to all areas of NTI. Among them are "Information", "Engineering", "Ecology", "Man", "Production" and "Infrastructure".

For example, at the lesson “Engineering” students will be told about the development of unmanned vehicles and machine vision. At the "Man" lesson, students will be introduced to bionic technology, preventive medicine, and genome editing. On the topic "Nature", students will learn about promising ways to increase their bio-productivity in agriculture and the preservation of the biodiversity of the Earth through the analysis of satellite images," the report explains.

The teachers themselves give applications for lessons. Next, they collect lessons from the proposed blocks on the principle of "designer" for their lesson. Now, most often applications come from teachers of computer science. In this lesson, the guys will be told about big data, the blockchain, artificial intelligence, and quantum technologies.

Within the framework of the NTI Lesson, schoolchildren will also be invited to take part in the NTI Olympiad — a unique format of engineering competitions for schoolchildren. Victory in the NTI Olympiad gives advantages for admission to leading technical universities. The winners of 13 out of 19 profiles will receive 100 balls in physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, computer science or geography in the Unified State Exam. To date, over 15 thousand school students have applied for participation in the Olympiad.

“It is important for those guys who are participating in the NTI Class and the NTI Olympiad today to understand what the National Technology Initiative is and what opportunities it provides to young professionals because they have to develop industries that will become the basis of the economy. This presentation should come to school along with interesting, unusual lessons, not indifferent teachers, for whom it is important to prepare children for the future," said Alexey Fedoseyev, president of the Association of participants in technology circles, secretary of the organizing committee of the Olympiad.

RVC and ASI have held the NTI Olympiad in partnership with the largest Russian universities and technology companies since 2015. The profiles of the Olympiad correspond to the industry priorities of NTI — the program of Russia's global technology leadership by 2035.

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