The Government of St. Petersburg and RVC to Develop High-tech Projects.


The Government of St. Petersburg and Russian Venture Company (RVC) have agreed to cooperate in the implementation of the National Technology Initiative (NTI). The corresponding agreement was signed at the Barcamp “National Technological Revolution 20.35” conference by the Deputy Governor of St. Petersburg Sergey Movchan and RVC General Director Alexander Povalko.

The purpose of the agreement is the implementation of projects and programs in the field of NTI and digital development in the city, the development of venture capital investment and the innovation ecosystem in St. Petersburg, as well as the promotion of technological entrepreneurship.

The cooperation will include, among other things, the development and holding of joint NTI technological competitions. Also on the agenda, there are thematic events of the All-Russian and international level, including project sessions, attracting venture investors to the region, participation in the development of the urban start-up community and the innovation infrastructure.

“As you know, in 2016, St. Petersburg was identified as one of the “network centers” for developing a regional model of the National Technology Initiative. With the support of the Government of St. Petersburg, the first regional ASI boiling point was opened in St. Petersburg at the LENPOLIGRAFMASH Technopark, which brought together the best intellectual resources of the region that form modern society and its development (business representatives, executive authorities, engineers, scientists, teachers, students and graduate students. The Council for the Implementation of NTI in St. Petersburg has been formed, the main task of which is to ensure the leadership of St. Petersburg companies in new high-tech markets, creating all the necessary conditions for their development, as well as assist in the preparation of innovative projects for participating in NTI and developing proposals support for organizations participating in NTI. I am convinced that the agreement signed today with RVC will provide additional opportunities for the accelerated development of NTI in St. Petersburg,” commented Sergei Movchan, the vice-governor of St. Petersburg.

“St. Petersburg confirms the status of one of the largest research and educational centres in the country. Last year, the city headed the rating of the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia. The active technological community made of young innovative companies, leading engineering universities, business incubators, technology parks are concentrated here. On the basis of SPbPU, the NTI Competence Centre for New Production Technologies is successfully operating, and at the ITMO University — the national centre for cognitive development. St. Petersburg is already one of the core regions for the development of NTI, we expect that our cooperation will be filled with new joint projects,” said RVC General Director Alexander Povalko.

The NTI is a long-term state program to create new markets and achieve Russia's technology leadership by 2035. Priorities for NTI development: unmanned transport, neurotechnology, personalized medicine, intellectual energy, advanced production technologies, etc. The design office of NTI is RVC.


The agreement was signed within the framework of the National Technological Revolution 20.35 barcamp, which took place on November 7–8, 2018 in St. Petersburg for the third time, at the boiling point, St. Petersburg. The main focus of this year’s event is on improving the competitiveness of Russian enterprises and finding ways to access global markets. The event is an important communication platform for technology leaders, participants of the National Technology Initiative, young entrepreneurs, business, science, industry, development, and education.

The event was organized by the Committee on Industrial Policy and Innovations of St. Petersburg, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects, Lenpolygraphmash Holding. The official partner of BarCamp is RVC.

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