RVC and the Foundation for Support of Social Projects Conclude a Cooperation Agreement


On October 17, within the framework of the International Forum “Open Innovations”, RVC and the Foundation for Support of Social Projects (FPSP) entered into an agreement aimed at developing a long-term partnership in the field of social entrepreneurship. Alexander Povalko — the Director General of RVC and Evgeny Shokhin — the FPSP Director, signed the agreement.

The joint activities of RVC and FSPP will be aimed at increasing the availability of financing for the implementation of social projects, improving their number and effectiveness, promoting the culture of social entrepreneurship, the infrastructure environment, and scaling best practices.

While developing cooperation under the agreement, RVC will provide the FSPP with information on social projects invested by funds with the participation of RVC capital for potential interaction with the FSPP. In turn, FSPP will invite management companies of RVC funds to present projects within its accelerator, as well as consider investment opportunities in specialized portfolio companies of RVC funds.

“One of the most promising areas of cooperation envisaged by the Agreement is joint support for social projects through the use of acceleration mechanisms or investment tools,” said Evgeny Shokhin, the director of the Foundation for Support of Social Projects.

“The task of RVC is to stimulate investments that will have a long-term multiplier effect for the development of the national economy, technical and social spheres. In this sense, our goals largely coincide with the mission of the Foundation for Social Projects Support. Cooperation with FSPP will make it possible to form project funnels of funds with RVC capital participation more effectively, as well as to provide comprehensive support to portfolio companies with socially oriented products and technologies,” commented the RVC General Director Alexander Povalko.

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