IPChain, Skolkovo Foundation, RVC, and the Innovation Promotion Foundation Agree to Cooperate in the Field of Intellectual Property Protection


The IPChain Association (National Coordinating Centre for Processing Transactions with Rights and Objects of Intellectual Property), Skolkovo Foundation, Russian Venture Company and the Foundation for Assistance to the Development of Small Forms of Enterprises in the Scientific and Technical Sphere (Innovation Assistance Fund) have agreed on strategic cooperation in legal protection, security and management of intellectual property. The signing ceremony of the quadripartite agreement was held on the fringes of the Moscow International Innovative Development Forum "Open Innovations — 2018".

According to the chairperson of the board of Skolkovo Foundation, Igor Drozdov, “digital technologies give life to a huge number of innovative ideas and developments, thereby acting as a driver for the technological and economic development of the country. At the same time, the right holder must be confident in the protection of his intellectual property from the moment the rights are recorded and throughout the entire product lifecycle. One of the goals under this agreement is to create a common decentralized data registry for innovation support systems and the subsequent exchange of information on innovative start-ups, technology projects and support measures provided to them by development institutions.”

Within the framework of the agreement, the parties identified as one of the priority tasks the development of standards for publishing information on applications for support of scientific and innovative projects, adopted decisions and authors of projects, as well as on connecting their information systems for quick entry and regular updating of these data.

“The culture of intellectual property management, the ability to competently dispose of it are necessary for companies of the new technology structure. RVC is interested in developing business practices and coordinating the efforts of development institutions to form mature, workable standards in this area. First of all, we are talking about protecting the rights of applicants at the early, prior to patenting, stages, as well as the legal protection of intellectual property outside Russia, when companies enter foreign markets,” said Alexander Povalko, the General Director of RVC.

Under the terms of the agreement, in particular, the IPChain Association, the developer of the network infrastructure of the same name “trust infrastructure”, a decentralized distributed registry of intellectual property created using blockchain technologies, will provide software for the deployment and use of distributed registry nodes, provide the necessary technical advice, as well as organizational and methodological support for the parties to the agreement.

“We are interested in effective mechanisms for managing the life cycle of intellectual property in the environment of new technologies and innovative projects with great growth potential,” said Andrei Krichevsky, the President of the IPChain Association. — The IPChain infrastructure solution and services integrated into it are designed to create a transparent and reliable system for managing the turnover of intellectual property objects, and, in particular, high-tech OIP with high export-import potential and liquidity, which primarily require fixing all legally significant actions with them and cross-border protection. As part of the agreement, our infrastructure will work to ensure the protection of investments and grant funds, as well as monitor the legality of the use of technical solutions by recipients of support.”

According to Sergey Polyakov, the General Director of the Innovation Promotion Foundation, this quadripartite agreement will make a tangible contribution to the support of high-tech industry solutions in various sectors of the economy and help coordinate the actions of all development institutions.

“We consider this agreement to be essential for the entire cluster of scientific and innovative projects, especially those that are at the beginning of their journey. This is the exact period when it is important to ensure the effective protection of intellectual property rights, as well as to build all these processes technologically,” said Sergey Polyakov.

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