The NTI Olympiad Wins PROBA IPRA Award in the Social Project Nomination


The RVC team won the PROBA ICCO Global PR AWARDS international development prize for the implementation of the project to promote the All-Russian Engineering Olympiad of the National Technology Initiative (the NTI Olympiad).

The NTI Olympiad is a new format of engineering competitions for schoolchildren of grades 7-11. Competitions are held in areas related to the development of "markets of the future": uncrewed vehicles, intellectual energy, small space, neuro and biotechnology, robotics and other advanced scientific fields. The format is aimed at identifying and developing talented children who are capable of solving complex engineering problems.

The project of promotion of the NTI Olympiad won the first place in the "Social Project" nomination. Thanks to the communication support, the RVC team managed to attract over 20 thousand schoolchildren to participate in the Olympiad, which is twice as much as the previous year, and also expanded the geography of the participants — in 2017, students from 156 Russian cities applied for participation in the Olympiad.

The plan of general promotion of the project was prepared by the RVC team together with the Association of the Amateur Clubs Movement, the operator of the NTI Olympiad.

“When planning an information campaign, we attracted schoolchildren to the development of a creative concept, which made it possible to see the familiar tools from a new perspective. The emphasis on fascinating team assignments and an attractive image of the technology future made it possible for children from even the most remote regions to be interested in participating in the Olympiad,” said Ekaterina Kumanina, director of strategic communications for RVC.

This year, 258 applications have been considered for the PROBA IPRA competition. The participants competed in 14 nominations marking the best communication projects implemented by corporations, state, public and other organizations. The winners were awarded on September 20 in the framework of the international communications forum Baltic Weekend. The ceremony was held in St. Petersburg in the Atrium of the General Staff of the Hermitage.

The North-West Branch of the Russian Public Relations Association (NW RASO), SPN Communications, and The International Communications Consultancy Organization (ICCO) established the PROBA ICCO Global PR AWARDS competition in 2000.

The jury of the award annually includes experts in the field of public relations, digital and mass communications, advertising and marketing, representatives of large businesses, national media and professional associations.

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