RVC and the Government of Yakutia Sign a Cooperation Agreement in the Field of NTI


On September 11, as part of the Eastern Economic Forum, Russian Venture Company and the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) signed an agreement on the implementation of the National Technology Initiative (NTI) and projects in the digital economy in the region. RVC General Director Alexander Povalko and Acting Head of Yakutia Aisen Nikolaev signed the document.

The NTI is a long-term state program to create new markets and achieve Russia's technology leadership by 2035. The agreement signed at the EEF provides for cooperation between RVC and regional authorities in the implementation of NTI and the launch of programs for digital development and digital economy in Yakutia.

Under the agreement, the Government of Yakutia will develop projects in the region which correspond to the priority markets of the National Technology Initiative, including uncrewed vehicles, neurotechnologies, personalized medicine, and intellectual energy, and will introduce the best regulatory and technical developments in this area. Technology competitions, design sessions and other NTI events will also be held in the Republic. Also, the region is counting on RVC’s experience in creating documents for the strategic development of innovation and the digital economy.

The priority areas of cooperation will be a project to create a new satellite system to ensure sustainable access to the Internet in hard-to-reach areas and exploring the possibility of holding an NTI technology competition for uncrewed vehicles in Yakutia. The parties also agreed on cooperation in the analysis of big data for public administration and the training of relevant specialists.

“We are serious in the framework of NTI to promote the development of the digital economy in the region. Today, we are positioning Yakutia, the city of Yakutsk, as the IT capital of the Far East, which is indisputable, because no companies are operating internationally, and in the next five years, they intend to become the leader in this field in the country. One of the priority areas of cooperation could be the AeroNet project to create a new system to provide the northern delivery of uncrewed vehicles. In Yakutia, there are villages where fuel is now being delivered for the spring of 2021. The introduction of the project will help to reduce the cost of the northern delivery significantly,” said the acting head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolayev.

“Regions are increasingly included in the NTI agenda: develop promising projects, test new technology solutions, create and support communities of entrepreneurs. RVC conducts systematic work on replicating NTI tools to the regional level and is ready to provide local authorities with all the necessary resource and expert support. The technology sector is dynamically developing in Yakutia today; conditions for the growth of innovative business have been created. The republic has all the opportunities to become one of the leading regions in the development of the NTI markets and the digital economy,” said Alexander Povalko, the General Director of RVC.

RVC has been cooperating with the Government of Yakutia in the field of innovative development and venture investment since 2012. Regional practical consulting sessions were held regularly in the Republic — intensive educational sessions from RVC for young entrepreneurs. Regional teams received support through the GenerationS start-up accelerator. RVC experts also participate in the work of the Board of Directors of Yakutia Venture Company JSC.

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