As Many as 27 Teams Applied to Participate in the Up Great "Winter City" Contest.


RVC summed up the collection of applications for participation in the Up Great Winter City technology contest. The participating teams will develop an uncrewed vehicle for movement on winter roads. The prize fund of the competition is 175 million roubles.

As many as 27 teams have applied to participate in the contest Up Great "Winter City". The competition is held within the framework of the National Technology Initiative and is aimed at finding breakthrough solutions in the field of uncrewed vehicles. The participants will have to develop and equip an intelligent control system for an uncrewed vehicle suitable for use in extreme weather conditions, in the absence of road markings, poor visibility and the presence of road traffic, and then test it on a specially equipped testing ground.

Technology companies submitted applications for participation in the competition in the field of robotics and machine vision Avrora Robotics, Smart Vision Tomsk, VisioTech, Nilar, Robodem, NN-Vision, as well as research and development departments and engineering Centres of large corporations. About half of the teams are represented by associations of developers from leading Russian universities, including Moscow Polytechnic University, Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University, Moscow Automobile, and Road Institute, Kovrov State Technological Academy, Ulyanovsk State Technical University, etc.

The analysis of applications will be completed by October 15, the results of which will determine the list of teams admitted to the qualification tests. Qualifying races of cars will be held in early December. The teams will have to test their drones at the test site in poor visibility and demonstrate the function of avoiding obstacles, overcoming crossroads, overtaking, driving in traffic jams, parking, etc. According to the results of the qualification, as many as ten teams, which have the best effect, will reach the final.

“The results of the collection of applications for the Up Great Winter City competition showed the urgency of the task, the high interest of the professional community in the new format of engineering competitions for Russia, as well as the presence of technological reserves in this area. Strong bidders announced their participation, including innovative divisions of large corporations, actively developing technology companies, and university associations of developers. Many teams have ready-made products; they are developing at the global level, are recognized leaders in their respective fields and have every chance to overcome the technological barrier of the competition,” said RVC General Director Alexander Povalko.

“The number of applications for the competition fully confirmed our expert expectations. It is gratifying that some applicants are already residents of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre. We look forward to the rest of the teams and will take into account the results of qualifying races and the final when considering applications for resident status from the participants of the competition. We are ready to offer them the full range of benefits that residents of Skolkovo receive for product and business development. We wish the participants bright accomplishments and victories in a difficult but fair fight,” said Vyacheslav Gershov, Director of the Department for the Development and Promotion of Technology Contests and Initiatives of the Skolkovo Foundation.

The final tests of UAVs and the determination of the winner are scheduled for the beginning of 2019. The finalist teams will have to cover a distance of 50 km in less than three hours. The prize fund of the contest is 175 million roubles.

The organizers of the Up Great contests are RVC, Skolkovo Foundation, and ASI. The technology partner of Up Great Winter City is Yandex.

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