Yandex became a partner of the technological competition Up Great in the field of unmanned vehicles


Yandex became a technology partner of "Winter City", the Up Great competition aimed at creating an unmanned vehicle that could travel in an city in extreme weather conditions. The competition winning team will take a cash prize in the amount of 175 million rubles.

Up Great technological competitions represent a new format of open engineering competitions in Russia launched by RVC, ASI and Skolkovo Foundation in course of the National Technological Initiative implementation. The participating teams are to find breakthrough solutions to the most complicated technological problems that yet remain unsettled in the world. The participants must overcome the technological barrier and offer to the expert jury and wide audience a clear and repeatable decision of the competition task.

Yandex became a technology partner of "Winter City", the Up Great competition aimed at creating an unmanned vehicle that could travel in an city in extreme weather conditions and at poor visibility: in the winter, at night, in rainy weather. As it is required by the competition task, an unmanned vehicle must travel unoperated and faster than the others on a 50 km test site in 3 hours maximum obeying traffic regulations and not causing any accidents.

As a partner, Yandex will help to attract Russian engineering teams to the competition and will take part in the development of the accelerating program for the participants of the contest.

"Partnership in the Up Great contests is fruitful for many parties. Companies competing with global giants such as Google or Uber need to approach the market of new teams and solutions, and the competition gets an access to the unique expertise and infrastructure of Yandex. The company's experts will help us to verify the technological barrier and conduct independent competitive tests at professionally equipped test sites. I have no doubts that technologies and inventions that we will obtain after the contest is finished will be in demand by the largest technology corporations not only in Russia but in foreign countries as well," commented Alexander Povalko, General Director of RVC.

The applications for participation in the Up Great competition "Winter City" can be submitted until September 1, 2018. Russian and foreign engineering teams, innovative companies, universities and scientific organizations can join the competition. The expert examination of the applications will be performed in autumn, based on results of which the final teams will be admitted to the qualification tests. The final tests of remote-piloted vehicles and winners determination will be held in February-March 2019. The competitions prize fund is amounted to 175 mln rubles.


The information about the Up Great technological competitions

The technological competitions Up Great have been launched for Russian innovative companies by RVC, Skolkovo Foundation and ASI as part of the National Technological Initiative. The goal they pursue is to overcome the significant technological barriers disrupting the emergence of new products in the NTI promising markets. The competitions structure is designed in accordance with the world technological competitions best practices: XPrize, Darpa Grand Challenge, etc. RVC acts as an operator of the Up Great technological competitions.

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