RVC launches a training program for teachers


RVC is organizing a training seminar for university teachers who teach the educational course ‘Innovative Economy and Technological Entrepreneurship’. The seminar deals with the methods of teaching the course and working with students' technological projects.

The training is designed for teachers of leading technology universities of Russia. They will be given an opportunity to become familiar with the methods of teaching the course ‘Innovative Economy and Technological Entrepreneurship’ as well as the key principles of working with promising project teams. The intensive course is organized by RVC together with the Faculty of Economics of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University and RIS Ventures.

The education program is based on elements of project-based learning by the Lean LaunchPad method, which was developed by a technology entrepreneur, the Stanford University professor Steve Blanc as well as on the practice of continuous acceleration by RIS Ventures and teaching experience at ITMO and M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University. The teachers will be given an opportunity to analyze case studies, exchange experience and develop ways for implementing the course in their universities.

‘Teaching technology entrepreneurship is more than a set of subjects within a special course. It is important that every teacher should become a mentor for their students. He should not only teach a new technology, but also motivate young people, involve them in innovations and help them promote their projects,‘ said Alexey Gusev, Innovation Ecosystem Director at RVC.

The training is open to university teachers who signed an agreement with RVC on the integration of the training course ‘Innovative Economy and Technological Entrepreneurship’ into their curricula. The course ‘Innovative Economy and Technological Entrepreneurship’ is based on practice-oriented learning through real situations. Students are taught how to work in a project team, analyze and solve case studies, etc.

The training course has already been implemented at the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University and ITMO University. 20 Russian universities have already applied for a free license. By 2020 about 10 thousand students are expected to have completed the course.

For more details about the program, conditions of participation and registration please go to:


About RVC

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