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RVC took part in the forum "Russia is a country of opportunities"



On March 14, a panel discussion "Effective start-ups: Russia and the World" was held within the framework of the All-Russian Forum "Russia is a Country of Opportunities". Representatives of development and business institutions discussed measures of state support for start-ups as well as opportunities for the development of high-tech business in Russia.

The session was attended by RVC General Director Alexander Povalko, Director of the Internet Initiatives Development Foundation Kirill Varlamov and Stanislav Bliznyuk, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Tinkoff Bank. Artem Androsov, coordinator of youth entrepreneurship "Opora Rossii", acted as moderator.

By opening the discussion, Kirill Varlamov spoke about the history and work of the Internet Initiatives Development Foundation (IIDF):

"The fund was established in 2013 on the initiative of the President of the Russian Federation, his task was to support Internet entrepreneurs. Over the last five years, the Foundation has invested in more than 400 businesses and accumulated sufficient experience in working with start-ups."

He also told us about interesting project development cases from the IIDF portfolio and noted that his idea and approach to business can change at different start-up stages:

"Do not wait for a big idea to come. If you stumble upon an idea, work with it; otherwise, someone else will do it. There are no bad ideas. Failure can become a real success: while an entrepreneur is trying, he gets to know useful people, learns what will be useful to him in the future."

In his speech, Alexander Povalko noted that one of the most comprehensive sets of tools has recently been created in Russia to support entrepreneurship. Among the main tasks of RVC, Alexander Povalko singled out the formation of "global champions", large rapidly developing technology companies. He also noted the role of the institution of development as NTI design office:

"Today, new markets are being formed, including unmanned transportation, artificial intelligence and many others. And while the products in these areas already exist, yet there are no full-fledged markets. If we access them right now, operate there, invest resources, then we will set the tone in these markets in 5-10 years."

According to Alexander Povalko, today’s Russia lacks highly qualified specialists and professional teams. To solve this problem, the educational platform "University 20.35" will be launched in the near future to train experts in the field of digital economy.

"If we are willing to move forward, we must meet high demands, therefore it's important to soberly assess our capabilities and effectively implement them," he added.

Stanislav Bliznyuk told the story how they came up with the idea to establish a bank without offices. In 2006, an expert team led by Oleg Tinkov had such an idea, and in 2007, the new bank issued the first card:

"As the world's largest online bank, we can serve as an example that large start-ups in Russia can be successful."

Stanislav Bliznyuk advises not to hesitate copying other people's ideas and launch start-ups, while, at the same, bringing some own insights. The Bank actively works with young entrepreneurs and supports their projects. The bank, in particular, launched the Fintech School, which trains professionals in the development of technology projects in the field of finance.

The Forum "Russia is a country of opportunities" gathered about 6,500 representatives of the 14 projects of the open platform "Russia is a country of opportunities". The platform is a modern innovative environment for self-actualisation of active citizens of all professions and age categories. The participants of the forum presented their own initiatives, became familiar with a successful experience of different regions of the country, received an opportunity to improve their managerial skills and other competencies necessary for successful work in their areas of interest.

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