New Participants of the National Champions Project Selected

New Participants of the National Champions Project Selected

The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia approved a list of 32 companies that have become new participants in the priority project called Support for Private High-tech Companies-leaders (National Champions), aimed at providing focused support to companies in various industries that have a significant potential to conquer domestic and foreign markets. Companies were selected from among the participants of TechUspekh rating in 2017 organized by RVC.

The list of companies was approved during the meeting of the Council of the priority project Support for Private High-tech Companies-leaders (the National Champions project) on December 28, 2017. The selection of the companies participating in the project was based on the TechUspekh national rating of fast-growing high-tech companies in 2017. With those who met the criteria of the National Champions Project, face-to-face expert sessions were held, which allowed to assess development potential of companies for the next 5-10 years.

The selected participants will be supported in the form of organizational assistance in gaining access to existing state instruments, including within the framework of development institutions, as well as providing information and consulting support for the projects of leading companies both in developing their activities within the country and in expanding into the global market.

Thus, the list of participants of the National Champions project has been extended to 62 companies, taking into account the thirty of them selected in 2016.

The list of the project participants in 2017:

  1. Agroplasma LLC, the largest Russian producer of seeds of hybrid sunflower and sorghum; 
  2. Angstrem-T JSC, a leading Russian developer and manufacturer of semiconductor products; 
  3. GC Aplana, the leader of the domestic market of IT solutions for digital business transformation of large corporate customers; 
  4. Art Life LLC, a company in the field of healthy nutrition, the only manufacturer in Russia which produces hard gelatine capsules for the needs of pharmaceutics and dietary supplements; 
  5. LLC PKF Atlantis-Pack, the largest manufacturer of barrier and permeable plastic casings for all sorts of sausages, bockwursts, and hams; 
  6. STC Bakor LLC, the leading Russian enterprise in the field of special ceramic compositions and materials; 
  7. Airborne Navigation Systems OJSC, all-inclusive integrated solutions for the safe and efficient use of airspace; 
  8. BASK LLC, the leading national manufacturer of clothing and equipment for active recreation and extreme tourism; 
  9. Bi Pitron LLC, electrical cable assemblies, proprietary components and technologies, fibre-optic cable assemblies, and optoelectronic modules; 
  10. Group of Companies VIC LLC, a Russian pharmaceutical company; 
  11. GC Geoscan, a manufacturer of unmanned aerial photography systems, software for visualization and analysis of aerial photography data; 
  12. GC ChemRar, a company that unites research, production and investment companies in the field of innovative pharmaceuticals; 
  13. Ingeoservice LLC, a company in the field of processing and interpretation of geophysical data, in the top 50 supercomputers of Russia; 
  14. GC InfoWatch, leader among Russian manufacturers of solutions to protect businesses from internal and external threats and information attacks 
  15. GC InfoTeCS, a leading manufacturer of software and hardware-software VPN-solutions and cryptographic protection of information; 
  16. Kaspersky Lab JSC, an international company specializing in developing protection systems against computer viruses, spam, hacker attacks and other cyber threats; 
  17. Computational Mechanics Laboratory LLC, mathematical modelling and computer engineering of materials, composite structures and physical and mechanical processes, modern machines and structures; 
  18. Mercator Kaluga LLC, leader of the Russian market of road and municipal equipment; 
  19. Milandr JSC, the leading Russian developer and manufacturer of integrated microcircuits; 
  20. GC Monocrystal, the world's largest producer of sapphire for LEDs; 
  21. Nanolek LLC, a state-of-the-art biopharmaceutical company with its own high-tech full cycle production; 
  22. Nanotechnology Centre for Composites LLC, a rapidly growing company that manufactures products from composite materials; 
  23. Orbita CJSC, a company that produces equipment for regulation and control of power supply systems for space vehicles; 
  24. GC Papilon, a company which has the technology for deployment of national fingerprint recognition systems; 
  25. Research & Production Enterprise PRIMA, LLC, the company for the creation of a wide range of aeronautical radio communication equipment and radio communication suites for military and civil purposes; 
  26. NPO Promet LLC, the largest enterprise in Russia and Eastern Europe for the production and sales of safes and metal furniture; 
  27. RSK Technologies CJSC, the leading integrator in Russia and the CIS of a "full cycle" of new generation supercomputer solutions, development and installation of turnkey Data Centres (DC); 
  28. GC SVEL, the leader in the domestic industry of high and medium voltage electrical equipment; 
  29. PF SKB Kontur JSC, a developer of high-tech printing solutions for business; 
  30. Eidos-Medicine LLC, a developer and serial producer of medical robots-simulators in the CIS countries; 
  31. EleSi JSC, a developer and supplier of high-tech control systems in the industrial automation market; 
  32. Enterprise Elteks LLC, a leading Russian developer and manufacturer of telecommunications equipment

About TechUspekh

The "TechUspekh-2016" rating is organized by Russian Venture Company, in partnership with the National Research University Higher School of Economics and PwC and has been held since 2012. Currently, the rating is a reputable and effective tool for monitoring and promotion of promising fast-growing technology companies, which in the future will play a key role in the development and modernization of the Russian technology industries. That is why, in 2016, "TechUspekh" was chosen as a base for the Economic Development priority project "Support for the private high-tech companies-leaders" ("National champions"), aimed at providing focused support to companies of various industries, with considerable potential gains of the domestic and foreign markets.

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