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Participants of Gaidar Forum 2018 Discuss Results and New Challenges of the National Champions Project

Participants of Gaidar Forum 2018 Discuss Results and New Challenges of the National Champions Project


Representatives of public authorities, development institutions, corporations and businesses came together on January 18 at the Gaidar Forum 2018 "Russia and the World: Goals and Values" to discuss the outcomes of the implementation of the priority project ‘National Champions’ of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development in 2017 and outline key directions and plans for the upcoming year.


By opening the discussion, the State Secretary and Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Oleg Fomichev noted the high growth rates of high-tech business in Russia and spoke about the support provided to the participants of the National Champions Project by development institutions and federal executive bodies.

"It is very good that the number of fast growing companies is increasing, but the essence of the project is to make companies grow even faster after entering the project. National Champion is a company that should be significantly better not only among the companies in the Russian market, but also among some foreign competitors," said Oleg Fomichev.


According to Artem Shadrin, Director of Strategic Development and Innovation Department of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, it is important that development institutions focus on the support of the leading companies and those who are able to increase sales and set up production. A separate direction in working with companies will be their involvement in the National Technology Initiative so that they can take advantage of NTI support measures.

"Many companies are already NTI leaders, but we see that others also have the potential to expand new promising fast-growing markets, including through government support measures provided within NTI," added Artem Shadrin.

He also draw attention to the project tasks for the next year — to help companies enter the capital market, hold an IPO and place bonds.


Alexander Povalko, the General Director of RVC, spoke about support directions for companies within NTI.

"This year, we expect to strengthen cooperation with the National Champions Project, in the long term we are considering its association with some of NTI's initiatives. We are planning to actively interact with the participating companies of the project, offer them investment tools and support tools within NTI, help them interact with state corporations and other development institutions," said Alexander Povalko.

He also added that based on additional collaboration with companies, AutoNet, AeroNet and HelthNet are of greatest interest as promising markets of NTI, products in SafeNet and HelthNet directions are finalized to the largest extent.


Dan Medovnikov, Director of the Institute of Innovation Management at the Higher School of Economics, said that TechUspekh rating which is the base of selection for the National Champions Project, has made it possible for several years of its existence to conduct an in-depth study of fast-growing high-tech companies. In his speech, he presented the results of a survey of participants in the 2017 rating.

"The number of companies that are going to become exporters is constantly increasing. In 2017, companies more often noted that they needed state support, primarily for R & D, and administrative support in resolving issues when dealing with governmental authorities. Such support is granted to companies that became participants of the National Champions project, commented Dan Medovnikov.


Kirill Bulatov, General Director of VEB Innovations LLC, said that the fund is considering a partnership with companies that are ready to become global, and already cooperates with a number of participants of the National Champions project. The fund focuses on robotics, quantum technologies, blockchain and other technological areas.

"Our fund has a huge number of necessary tools for companies: loans, credits, export investing, and a number of non-financial instruments. We are ready to provide companies with access to the technological chain and finance them so that they are one step closer to the National Champion title, said Kirill Bulatov.


Gennady Margolit, Executive Director for the Market of Innovations and Investments at the Moscow Stock Exchange, told about a joint project with the Ministry of Economic Development to encourage technology companies approaching the exchange market: as part of this project, the Moscow Stock Exchange is ready to assist in the selection of intermediaries, in conducting procedures related to marketing and road shows. He also emphasized the growth of companies' activity in 2017:

"Currently, all the prerequisites have matured to enable technology companies to enter the market. Under ‘prerequisites’ I mean infrastructure, innovation and investment market and tax incentives for capital gains. Primary market is stepping up and that is obvious: according to last year’s results we had 17 IPOs and SPOs - three times more than in the year before", added Gennady Margolit.


The session also saw a festive awarding ceremony for winners of the second qualification stage for the National Champions priority project. 32 companies selected among the winners of the TechUspekh-2017 rating were announced as laureates. The rating has been conducted by RVC since 2012. Thus, the list of participants of the National Champions project has been extended to 62 companies, taking into account the thirty of them selected in 2016.

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