National rating of fastest growing companies "TechUspekh-2017" announces results

National rating of fastest growing companies "TechUspekh-2017" announces results

The proceeds of Russian technology “gazelles” have reached 285 billion rubles

On December 12, 2017, winners of the sixth annual National Rating of Russian High-Tech fastest-growing companies "TechUspekh-2017" organized by RVC have been announced. Following the rating's results, the total revenue of technology gazelles has increased by 30% compared to the previous year and reached 285 billion rubles.


The rating organized by RVC is drawn up in partnership with PwC, the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia and the National Research University "Higher School of Economics". The most successful participants were separated out in the following categories: TOP 5 large companies with revenues from 2 up to 30 billion rubles; TOP-5 mid-sized companies with revenue from 800 million to 2 billion rubles; TOP-5 small companies with revenues up to 800 million rubles; TOP-15 fast-growing companies — in terms of revenue growth, TOP 15 innovative companies that produce high-tech products and spend a certain share of turnover on R&D and TOP 15 companies in terms of export volumes.


The best large companies were:

Kalashnikov Concern JSC, SKTB Katalizator JSC, NPO Angstrem OJSC, BIOCAD CJSC, NOVOMET-PERM JSC.

In the medium category the palm was given to:

Perm Chemical Company LLC, InfoWatch JSC, Research Institute of Chemical Diversity (IIHR) JSC, Inertial Technologies of Technocomplex JSC, INGEOSERVICE LLC.

The TOP-5 list of small companies included:

Optosens LLC, CompMechLab® LLC, Dashboard Systems OJSC, Russian Quartz LLC, Inversion-Sensor LLC.

LLC Mercator Kaluga, manufacturer of road and municipal vehicles in Russia became the champion among the fast-growing companies: its revenue in 2016 increased by 963.50% and amounted to more than 3 billion rubles.

Research and Production Center Polus JSC, a company of Roskosmos State Corporation, came atop the list of 10 top innovative enterprises specializes in production of unique science-intensive airborne and ground-based electrotechnical equipment and precision mechanics systems.

SKTB KATALIZATOR, the Russian producer of catalysts, sorbents and carriers for catalysts, became a top-scorer in terms of export volumes. Its share of exports last year amounted to 91.7%.


The analysis of companies participating in the TechUspekh rating has revealed that the total volume of technology gazelles' revenues has increased by 30% compared to the previous year (222.3) and amounted to 285 billion rubles. Each company spends on average 24% of its revenue for technical innovations. The share of R&D expenditures is 14% of the annual turnover. The average age of companies was 19 years, and the average number of employees reached almost 700 people. Technology companies have become more effective: the revenue figure per employee rose to 5.4 million rubles against 3.5 million rubles last year. In terms of sectoral structure, active growth was shown by pharmaceutical companies — the rating included 16 companies against 12 last year. This sector also has a leading position in terms of average revenue — 2.7 billion and is only inferior to oil and gas equipment (4.3 billion).


The small high-tech companies show sustainable growth and activity: their presence in the rating increased by 20% and accounted for 50% of the total number of participating companies. The companies of this segment have taken the lead in terms of share of expenditures on technological innovations; such share amounts to 26%. Innovation continues to play an important role for all the rating's companies: 57% is the share of new products in revenue. The leader in this aspect is small technology business.


Most of the companies surveyed have excellent chances to become active players in the promising markets of the National Technology Initiative.76% of them believe that their products and developments may come into use in the NTI markets, with 53% either already owning such a product or developing it. Most of these projects are carried out under Healthnet and Safenet segments.

The number of world leaders in this segment already includes 10% of the rating's participants.44% of companies believe they can achieve leadership: 37% of them have required capacities, however are in need of resources.7% of companies are already working in this direction and consider their resources sufficient.


65 companies turned out to be active participants of foreign economic activities , while the average share of exports in revenue was 21%. The total revenue from export activities is 43 billion rubles, 50% of export revenue comes from sales in the leading innovation countries (according to the Global Innovation Index 2017). This points out to a high potential of rating’s companies in order to sell their products in the markets of highly developed countries in a highly competitive environment.

A lot of rating companies are already embedded in global cooperative chains: 56% of exporters answered that at least one of their products is used in cooperative supplies. According to companies, following factors contribute to competitive strengths of products in foreign markets: high quality (22% of references), low price (20%) and excellent performance (16%).

«TechUspekh's participants become more effective every year, innovations remains their main driver, the share of small high-tech companies is growing significantly. In 2016, the TechUspekh rating became an official tool to select companies for the priority project of the Ministry of Economic Development "National Champions" aimed at supporting the strategy of accelerated development. In 2018, the rating can form the basis of the search engine to select promising companies for global NTI markets. We plan to continue active interaction with the rating participants - to support them under the NTI, offer investment tools, help interact with state corporations and development institutions," commented RVC General Director Alexander Povalko.


To be eligible for TechUspekh rating, the participant must be a private high-tech company with at least 4 years of operation experience and showing an average annual rate of revenue growth of at least 10% -20% over the last 5 years and with last year' revenue from 100 million to 30 billion rubles. The company’s R&D expenses should not be less than 5% over the last three years, and expenses on technological innovation — at least 10%. Moreover, the share of new or significantly improved products should be at least 20-30% of the company's total revenue.



Top 5 large companies (revenues from 2 to 30 billion rubles.)

  1. Kalashnikov Concern JSC 
  2. SKTB Katalizator JSC 
  3. NPO Angstrem JSC 

Top 5 mid-sized companies (revenues from 800 million to 2 billion rubles.)

  1. Perm Chemical Company, LLC 
  2. InfoWatch JSC (InfoWatch Group) 
  3. Research Institute of Chemical Diversity JSC (IIHR) 
  4. Inertial Technologies of Technocomplex JSC 

Top 5 small companies (revenue up to 800 million rubles.)

  1. Optosens LLC 
  2. CompMechLab® LLC 
  3. Dashboard Systems OJSC 
  4. Russian Quartz LLC 
  5. Inversion-Sensor LLC.

Top 15 fast-growing companies according to TechUspekh rating:

  1. Mercator Kaluga LLC 
  2. NPC Aviatsionnoye lityo LLC 
  3. Kalashnikov Concern JSC 
  4. Nanolek LLC 
  6. Complex safety agency "Barrier" LLC 
  7. STAN, LLC 
  8. NPO Angstrem OJSC 
  9. NPF Evrodetal LLC 
  10. Optosens LLC 
  11. Airborne Navigation Systems OJSC 
  12. PTO MEDTEKHNIKA Group of Companies 
  13. Dashboard Systems OJSC 
  14. ETU LLC 
  15. Satellite Innovation, LLC

Top 15 innovative companies of TechUspekh:

  1. Research and Production Center Polyus JSC
  2. CompMechLab® LLC
  3. Smart Social Systems LLC
  4. Research and Development Center "ELVEES" JSC
  5. T8 LLC
  6. JSC Research Institute of Chemical Diversity (IIHR)
  7. Technology of medicines, LLC
  8. NPP Laser Systems LLC
  9. InfoTeCS Group
  10. Bioamid JSC
  11. Research and Production Centre of Magnetic Hydrodynamics LLC
  12. Kaspersky Lab
  13. Prepreg-SKM JSC
  14. Geoscan LLC

Top 15 exporters:

  1. SKTB Katalizator JSC 
  2. Monocrystal Group 
  3. Perm Chemical Company, LLC 
  4. Russian Quartz LLC 
  5. Optosens LLC 
  6. Dashboard Systems OJSC 
  7. Kaspersky Lab, JSC 
  8. Bioamid JSC 
  9. Argus-Spectrum, LLC 
  10. NEKK LLC 
  11. Diakont JSC 
  12. PKF-Atlantis-Pak LLC 
  13. SimbirSoft, LLC 
  14. AKELA Group 
  15. Management Company Altai precision components plant (AZPI) LLC

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