All-Russian NTI team Engineering Olympiad opened applications



RVC opened a registration for the team engineering Olympiad for schoolchildren "Olympiad of the National Technological Initiative" (NTI Olympiad) of the 2017/2018 academic year. The winners in the Olympiad will be able to receive the maximum score in major subjects while passing the Unified State Exam.

The NTI Olympiad is a unique format of engineering competitions for schoolchildren of 7-11grades. It is aimed at development of talented children able to solve complex interdisciplinary tasks.

The Olympiad is designed to improve motivation for learning and develop engineering thinking by creating an environment for solving practical issues within NTI directions. The competitions are held in the environment that is close as possible to reality: teams develop their products within the shortest possible time, using state-of-the-art technologies ranging from 3D modeling to machine learning, and have to demonstrate finally a working program or product.

The NTI Olympiad is held in three stages. At the first stage, which is a distant qualifying round, students solve problems relating to the general education program. At the second stage, the participants form teams and begin to solve engineering and design tasks. The full-time final will take place in the format of team engineering competitions.

In preparation for the Olympiad, online courses and hackathons will be held from October to February. Online courses will allow participants to expand their knowledge beyond the general education program and learn more about the world of modern engineering. In the hackathons, the participants will listen to lectures of leading industry experts and take part in team engineering mini-competitions. The children will prepare for the final tasks using the equipment of Quantorium, a chain of children's technoparks and centers of youth innovative creativity.

The Olympiad profiles correspond to the industry priorities of the NTI — the program of global technological leadership of Russia by 2035. Within the framework of the NTI Olympiad of 2017/2018 academic year, competitions will be held in 17 educational profiles related to unmanned vehicles, big data and machine learning, smart energy systems, robotics, new production technologies, space systems, neuro- and nanotechnologies, virtual and augmented reality and other advanced scientific fields.

"As part of the NTI Olympiad, schoolchildren will have the opportunity to test their abilities in solving engineering problems of virtually the same level encountered by R&D departments of technology companies and university laboratories. The winners will be those who will be able to implement complex technical projects in the breakthrough areas of NTI directions. We see great prospects for working with the younger generation and expect that schoolchildren participating in the Olympiad will lead Russia's technological development tomorrow,” commented Mikhail Antonov, Deputy CEO and Director for Innovative Infrastructure Development at RVC.

Applications for the NTI Olympiad are accepted before October 22, 2017. The final of the 2017/2018 Olympiad will take place at Sirius Educational Center on February 24-28, 2018 in Sochi.

The NTI Olympiad is organized by the Russian Venture Company in cooperation with the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. The founders of the Olympiad are the Moscow Polytechnic University (formerly MAMI), Tomsk Polytechnic University, and St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. The partners of the NTI Olympiad include more than 10 Russia’s largest universities. A full list is available on the website of the project.

You can follow the link to find more detailed information about the NTI Olympiad.

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