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RVC and Krastsvetmet declare their partnership on the basis of GenerationS accelerator


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The leading Russian producer of precious metals "Krastsvetmet" is launching direction metallurgy and mining direction of the largest start-up accelerator in Russia and Eastern Europe "GenerationS" under RVC. R&D Park, the site of "Krastsvetmet" for the creation and transfer of technologies in the domain of precious metals has become the investment partner of "Mining&Metals" track.

Within the frameworks of" Mining&Metals" track, "Krastsvetmet" selects start-ups by areas of activity: affinage, new products manufacturing with the use of precious metals (including medical use), as well as technologies substituting their use, environmental protection technologies in metallurgy and energy saving, technology process automatisation, processing technologies and others. The Parnter's specialists will be actively involved to the accelerating program, will help the entrepreneurs-technologists to test and prepare their developments for the manufacturing application. The projects selected by the partners of the track will participate in the start-up development program of R&D Park where they will be able to present their technologies to the leading industry experts. In addition, in the case of a successful survival of the accelerating program, the enterprises-technologists will have an opportunity to attract investments for the scaling of their business.

It's for the second time when the representatives of "Krastsvetmet" have chosen GenerationS for the search of prospective innovative technologies. The accelerator is focused on the projects which are able to meet production and business challenges of the partner. For the participants of "Mining&Metals" accelerator this cooperation means the possibility to work with technological laboratory entering the top ten best laboratories of the world," Deputy General Director and Innovative Infrastructure Development Director of RVC Michail Antonov informed.

"Krastsvetmet" becomes a partner of GenerationS accelerator for the second time. In 2016, 250 applications for participation in Mining&Metals were submitted.

In 2017, GenerationS Mining&Metals includes five more main domains: Increasing the effectiveness of agriculture and solutions in the field of new medicines (Agro & MedTech); New media, fashion, design and entertainment (Creative); Power engineering (Power & Energy); Banking and financial services (FinTech); Implementation of smart production and systems (TechNet), as well as the satellite track "Dual Technologies" which will combine technologies developed in the civic life, having perspectives for the use weapons military and special equipment manufacturing, as well as technologies and products created by enterprises of the military-industrial complex , feasible in the civil market. You can apply for participation in the accelerator before October 31, 2017. A complete list of directions for collecting applications can be found on the GenerationS website. To become a participant of GenerationS-2017, you need to register on

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