GenerationS will name the most progressive city and university


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GenerationS Federal Technology Startups Accelerator established by RVC, launches special nominations for the most active innovation regions and universities in Russia — "City of the Future" and "Launching Innovations". The university and the city from the which the greatest number of applications to GenerationS-2017 arrive will get the top honour and awards from GenerationS finalists at the final round in April 2018. A separate registration for participation in a special nomination is not required. The Organizing Committee will analyse the participants profiles and determine the winner.

Following the results of GenerationS-2016, application of teams from more than 180 cities were submitted. The most active was Irkutsk region: entrepreneurs of the region registered over 400 application for participation in the accelerator. Moscow, Ufa, Yekaterinburg and Tomsk also entered the top five leaders.

In 2017 the accelerator is conducted in six technological fields: Increasing the effectiveness of agriculture and solutions in the field of new medicines (Agro & MedTech); New media, fashion, design and entertainment (Creative); Power engineering (Power & Energy); Banking and financial services (FinTech); Metal processing, mining machinery management and raw material quality management (Mining & Metals); The implementation of smart production and systems (TechNet).

The participation in GenerationS gives the entrepreneurs an opportunity to complete a specialized educational program, improve the business model of their projects, start working with industry corporations and compete for GenerationS prize fund. To become a participant of GenerationS-2017, you need to register on You may submit your application up to October, 31, 2017.

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