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On August 23, at the site of the International Military Technical Forum "Army-2017", a partnership agreement was signed between the subsidiary funds of the Russian Venture Company ("Infrafund RVC" LLC, "FPI RVC" LLC, "Biofund RVC" LLC, "GT OPK" LLC) and autonomous non-profit organization "Agency for Technological Development". The document was signed off by Evgeny Kuznetsov, Director of "RVC Infrafund", a managing company of subsidiary funds, and Vadim Kulikov, CEO of the Agency for Technological Development "ATR".

The document provides for cooperation of partners in the domain of technological transfer. In particular, the parties will promote the best world-class technological solutions in the Russian Federation. To this effect, the Agency will select such solutions on the basis of requests made by "RVC Infrafund".

Besides, the parties will contribute to the purchasing of modern domestic and foreign technologies by Russian organizations, as well as participate in preparing and implementation of projects aimed at localizing technologies on the territory of the Russian Federation. The agency will perform an expert evaluation of technological solutions in order to motivate the selection of technologies.

"The success of the effective support of innovative companies by various government support tools is at the bottom of their effective cooperation," Evgeny Kuznetsov emphasised. "Agency for Technological Development is an important tool of technological transfer, it's a relevant objective for our portfolio companies, and we understand, from our end, who may need our technologies and how we can effectively integrate them into Russian industry."

"High-tech products can appear with the help of technologies imported to the country, bought within the country or developed by an enterprise. We plan to invest heavily in all these three concepts in cooperation with RVC fund," Vadim Kulikov added.

The main objective of Agency for Technological Development "ATR" is the support of Russian enterprises in the implementation of world-class technological solutions. The agency provides partners with services of search of modern technologies in Russia and abroad, investment project assembling, selection of State support tools and project support at the implementation stage.

"RVC Infrafund", being the managing company of "Seed Fund", "Civil Technologies OPK" (GT OPK) fund and "RVC Biofund" is a subsidiary fund of RVC Joint-Stock Company. The actual development of the system of RVC subsidiary funds is aimed at creation of the efficient mechanism of investments in the companies created and developed on NTI markets according to its purposes and priorities. The total amount of RVC subsidiary funds is equal to 4.382 billion roubles. The total portfolio is composed of 111 companies, including the companies oriented to the manufacturing of goods for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

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