RVC develops the regional partner network GenerationS

RVC develops the regional partner network GenerationS

RVC created a network of regional partners of the federal start-up accelerator GenerationS, which included accelerating programs for technology entrepreneurs from Russian 19 cities.

Partner programs that have received the status of official GenerationS representative offices provide advanced training for managers of innovative infrastructure facilities and development of accelerating mechanisms in the regions, allow local start-ups to pass an educational program that includes master classes, individual work with mentors and investment experts, finalizing projects for presentation to investors.

Currently, the partner network includes accelerated programs from Moscow ("HSE \ {Pro } Fintech"), Astrakhan (LIFTernaya), Ekaterinburg (Innoport), Irkutsk (Taiga), Kemerovo (Start-up Business education), Makhachkala (Startup School SKFO), Omsk (StartUpAcadimia), Perm (Big Intelligence 2017), Rostov-on-Don (Focus of Growth), Sochi (The Sea of Ideas on the Seashore), Tomsk (StartupLab), Ufa (Innovation Guide 3.0), Grozny (Academy of Innovations), Vladivostok (Round), Ulyanovsk (Ulnanotech), Novosibirsk (Initium), Kaliningrad (TechCamp), the republics of Buryatia (Republica) and Mordovia (Evolution).

"The number of applications coming to GenerationS from the regions is steadily growing and, in order for their quantity to turn into quality, we need qualified partners who can provide start-ups with the necessary support on the ground. RVC as an institution for development is interested in strong regional accelerating programs, which are now integrated into a single network within the GenerationS project," said Mikhail Antonov, RVC Deputy General Director and Director for Innovation Infrastructure Development.

Applications for participation in GenerationS-2017 are being collected until October 2017, within the framework of regional accelerated programs, as well as consultations of technology entrepreneurs, information face-to-face and online events are being organized. In total, regional partners will hold at least 90 face-to-face meetings during the GenerationS-2017.

In addition, from November 13, 2017 to April 2018, regional partners will conduct the educational programs of the Preaccelerator GenerationS-2017 using the RVC methodology. Technology entrepreneurs will undergo an online course and full-time accelerating program, work out projects until the next stage of development.

The largest in Russia and Eastern Europe Accelerator GenerationS in 2017 includes six main areas: Increasing the effectiveness of agriculture and solutions in the field of new medicines (Agro & MedTech); New media, fashion, design and entertainment (Creative); Power engineering (Power & Energy); Banking and financial services (FinTech); Metal processing, mining machinery management and raw material quality management (Mining & Metals); The implementation of smart production and systems (TechNet).

You can apply for participation in the accelerator before October 31, 2017. A complete list of directions for collecting applications can be found on the GenerationS website. To become a member of GenerationS-2017, it is important to register following the link.

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