A special nomination of the direction Marinet NTI was established within the framework of GenerationS-2017

A special nomination of the direction Marinet NTI was established within the framework of GenerationS-2017

RVC announces the establishment of a special market nomination for Marinet NTI in the framework of the federal start-up accelerator GenerationS-2017. Promising start-ups of the marine industry will be considered by the working group of the Marinet direction and in the future can receive support within the NTI.

Developers of marine robotics and new types of vessels, solutions for reducing emissions of sea transport into the environment, tools for exploration, engineering surveys and offshore hydrocarbon production, as well as solutions for boating and other technologies related to the marine industry will be able to take part in the special nomination.

The main selection criteria for the nominees will be the correspondence of projects to the Marinet NTI roadmap, novelty and relevance, orientation to the international market, as well as the existence of an substantiated commercialisation plan, technological feasibility and a competent team.

"GenerationS continues to search for promising projects in the interests of NTI. Within the special nomination Marinet, NTI will have access to projects that are ready to present their developments to the Working Group and in the near future to start cooperation according to the approved roadmap. The practice of partnership with GenerationS will be transferred to other NTI markets," commented Mikhail Antonov, RVC Deputy General Director, Director for Innovation Infrastructure Development.

The Marinet roadmap is aimed at supporting and promoting the solutions and companies of the marine industry in the world market and is one of the most wide and representative sites in Russia. Its working group brings together over 200 experts from more than 60 companies, research centres and universities from 15 regions of Russia, as well as specialized heads of ministries and departments.

The largest in Russia and Eastern Europe, the Accelerator GenerationS in 2017 includes six main areas: Increasing the effectiveness of agriculture and solutions in the field of new medicines (Agro & MedTech); New media, fashion, design and entertainment (Creative); Power engineering (Power & Energy); Banking and financial services (FinTech); Metal processing, mining machinery management and raw material quality management (Mining & Metals); The implementation of smart production and systems (TechNet).

You can apply for participation in the accelerator before October 31, 2017. In November, the programs of corporate accelerators will begin, within the framework of which educational events will be held, which will be developed taking into account the industry specificity. After this, the teams will focus on individual work, the results of which will be presented at the final selection of GenerationS-2017 in April 2018.

A complete list of directions for collecting applications can be found on the GenerationS website. To become a member of GenerationS-2017, it is important to register following the link.

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