RVC and Faberlic launch a GenerationS-based fashion startup accelerator

RVC and Faberlic launch a GenerationS-based fashion startup accelerator

Faberlic is the largest Russian perfume and cosmetics direct sales company, the manufacturer of unique oxygen cosmetics and a whole range of skin care products, decorative cosmetics, products for home and health, clothes, accessories and underwear for men, women and children. The company has become an Industrial partner to the Creative track within GenerationS-2017, the start-up competition organized by RVC. The track will unite startups in the field of fashion and design, new media and marketing.

In 2016, the clothing category accounted for 19% of Faberlic's total sales, and in 2017 it is predicted to grow to 26%. Faberlic intends to strengthen the fashion-business direction with the help of GenerationS-2017. The company is interested in startups developing innovative materials (wear resistance, functional qualities, smart fabrics), unique mobile applications for the clothing market (size analyzers, AR / VR technologies, etc.), robots, marketing innovative technologies and big data tools, able to assess market demand and trends. Following the results of the GenerationS Creative track, the teams with the best projects will enter into partnership agreements with Faberlic, launch pilot products and common projects.

It is possible to apply for the GenerationS' Creative track until October 31, 2017. Further, Faberlic experts will select the most promising projects to be developed within the priority business areas. The corporate accelerator will begin its work as early as in November. The initial training envisages taking educational programs developed in view of the accelerator's industry specifics. Afterwards, the teams will focus on individual work. Further, in constant interaction with Faberlic, they will adjust their products, test business models and prepare projects for entering the market. The finals of GenerationS-2017 will be held in April 2018.

"We are very pleased with the way the fashion direction of Faberlic is developing. So far, we have implemented the first out of five steps in launching local garment production in the Ivanovo region. Its products are then exported to 40 countries in Europe and the CIS. Next year, a second production site will be launched. Due to the active development of this category, we have started the construction of a digital Faberlic factory of the future in cooperation with experts and specialists who actively participate in creating the national economy of the future, these people lead Technet and St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Plus, we have already launched the PLM system and conducted a series of strategic sessions in this direction. Now we are opening an accelerator for young professionals in the field of fashion technologies to continue searching for business ideas and solutions and implement this development strategy, "says Vladislav Davankov, vice president of Faberlic.

"Open innovation instruments are becoming more attractive for Russian corporations and businesses in search of customers and partners. The Federal Acceleration Platform GenerationS is the most effective instrument to develop corporate acceleration, and our experience with Faberlic proves it," commented Mikhail Antonov, Deputy General Director, Development Director of RVC Innovation Infrastructure.

The Creative track under GenerationS contest has been launched twice already. In 2016 it was the most popular track, collecting about 650 applications. In 2017 it will be the first time that the GenerationS' Creative track will support innovative technologies in the fields of augmented reality, computer games, cinema, music, publishing and smart cities. In addition, the track will search for projects intended for NeuroNet and FashionNet tracks, which are also incorporated into the National Technology Initiative (NTI). The startups will be reviewed by working groups who may decide to include them in NTI's road maps. Traditionally, the Creative track is concerned with media and fashion industries.

A complete list of tracks open for applications can be found at the GenerationS website. To become a member of GenerationS-2017, please register your project via the following link.

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