Methodological recommendations are published for business incubators and accelerators


guidelines-200.jpgRVC and NRU HSE developed methodological recommendations for business incubators, tech parks and accelerators. The recommendation will help infrastructure organizations to form the long-term development strategy.

Methodological recommendations include description of operating principles of business incubators and accelerators, materials related to strategic planning, team building, and work with the targeted communities and attraction of the audience.

The document is prepared based on the results of the research of the Russian business incubators and accelerators conducted by RVC, UBI Global and NRU HSE. The research was made based on the indications of more than 70 Russian incubators. As a result, the respondents received a brief report with aggregated values of the Russian and foreign colleagues (more than 350 organizations from 60 countries).

“RVC traditionally carries out activities related to developments of ecosystem in cooperation with the infrastructure partners. Employees working in tech parks, incubators, accelerators are people whose efficiency and expertise level in many aspects impact on the results of operation of their companies. The level of competence and readiness to share experience formed in this sector makes us happy. We summarized the best management practices for infrastructure companies accumulated as of the date in Russia and hope that they will be helpful for our partners,” — Gulnara Bikkulova, deputy CEO, member of the management board of RVC commented.

Methodological recommendations are here.

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