Overview of the best innovation management practices in Russian corporations is published.



RVC and Club of Directors for Science and Innovation presented a review of the innovation management practices in big Russian companies.

The review is a result of the joint project “Open doors in the corporations” created by RVC and the Club — expert events at the venues of the partner companies with exposure in their production and business processes.

The review includes use cases for innovation management in five biggest Russian companies: Aeroflot PJSC, INVITRO LLC, “Energy without boundaries” Foundation, FTE “Aleksinskiy Chemical Plant”, and T8 LLC.

In the process of implementation of the project “Open doors in the corporations” the parties concluded that it is necessary to set a unified terminology and shared terms for efficient communication. In this relation, the review was amplified with the theoretical part containing main concepts of innovation, their classification and explanations with samples.

“Last years, RVC actively work with the Russian private and state companies in order to involve them in innovation ecosystem and stimulate their cooperation with the Russian start-ups. “Open doors” format made it possible for us to deepen in experience of implementation of innovation in the definite company, to learn what processed, decisions and people are behind it. There are only few companies in Russia having such experience and ready to share it. That is why this format became extremely popular and is highly appreciated by all participants,” — Gulnara Bikkulova Deputy CEO, member of the Management Board of RVC explained.

“We tried not to make and judgements and comments as we understand entire complexity and variety of problems the company have to face with in practice. We are aware of limitation of tries to describe these problems and ways to solve them. We are confident that the universal innovation management models don't exist, — Vladimir Kosteev, Executive Director of the Club of Directors for Science and Innovation commented. — We see our task in sharing points to ponder with everyone who manages innovation development.”

Review of 2016 will extend theoretical base for corporate innovation in Russia and will be an addition to a collection of 2016. The previous review included similar cases of four companies: Kriogenmash, Alfa-Bank, JSC ORPE Teсhnologiya and Svyaz Engineering. 12 practices and principles that allow companies develop their innovation products and solutions were determined in the process of its preparations.

Distribution of the open innovation instruments is one of the RVC priorities. Besides the “Open doors in corporations” project, in 2016, RVC together with Firrma launched a cycle of industry meetings Tech Days in order to create horizontal connections between the representatives of the corporations and technology entrepreneurs. In 2016, Tech Days were devoted to discussion of corporate demands and growing points in agriculture, power energy, games industry, “Smart city” field, and metallurgy and resources industry.

More than 60 representatives of the corporation participated in the educational program “Open innovation and corporate venture instruments” implemented by RVC together with MAI and CompMechLab. Based on the results of the program that participants defended the developed concepts of the corporate venture investment to be implemented in the companies before the expert committee.

A collection of corporate innovation management practices is available on RVC website.

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