The winners of the All-Russia NTI team engineering Olympiad were determined in Sochi


On March 29, in the Educational Center “Sirius” in Sochi, the All-Russia team engineering Olympiad for the scholars “National Technology Initiative Olympiad” (NTI Olympiad) was summarized. 15 best teams and 17 winners in individual all-around have been determined based on the results of several months of hard work. The main prize is 100 Uniform state exam points in mathematics, physics or information science to enter the leading Russian technical universities.


Scholars from Moscow, Kazan and Novosibirsk gained the highest number of victories. Scholars from Ufa, Kursk, Yoshkar-Ola, Kaliningrad, Krasnoyarsk, Rostov-on-Don, and Tumen were the best as well.

NTI Olympiad is a unique format of engineering competitions for scholars of 7–11 classes aimed at identification and development of talented children capable of solving complicated cross-disciplinary tasks. From 2017, Olympiad specialists competed in 12 profiles including directions related to unmanned transport, intelligent power energy, small space science, neuro and biotechnologies and other advanced sciences. Olympiad profiles correspond to the NTI industry priorities — programs of the global technological leadership of Russia by 2035.


NTI Olympiad is conducted in three stages. More than 12 thousand scholars from all over Russia who had to find solutions for Olympic tasks remotely participated in the first distance preliminary round. Tasks of the second stage were more complicated and close to design-and-engineering, and the face-to-face final round where only 300 teams got through to, was held as team engineering competition with individual theoretical part. Finalists should demonstrate the results of engineering development in advanced technology field.


Partners in the NTI Olympiad profiles were Rosnano, R-Pharm and other Russian corporations that participated in development of tasks for the scholars.

“Educational trajectory of the Olympiad participants doesn't end in universities; we need to guide children to the future work places. It's very symptomatic that almost all tracks that we see are conducted in partnership with the Russian companies that will be glad to accept olympiad participants on the nest biography stage. We need to make in the way that the number of such companies increased together with the scale of Olympiad itself,” — Oleg Fomichev Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation commented.


“The competition was created in order to involve scholars in solving of actual business tasks, increase their interest and motivation to select engineering professions today, — Gulnara Bikkulova, Deputy CEO, member of the management board of RVC noted. — RVC implements many programs aimed at development of technology entrepreneurship in Russia. We think it's important to work with future entrepreneurs even on the earliest stages forming a flow of projects for investments. We expect that the children we see today at the competition will already in several years create their own startups. This is why it is important that they have an idea of what is development institutions, how state support instruments work, what projects we expect to get.”


“The finalists got the opportunity to work with real engineering equipment and apply practically knowledge they demonstrated at the preliminary stages. The competition of the next year is expected to include some new profiles including information security, 3D modelling, work with block chains and new financial technologies, underwater robotics and others,” — Aleksey Fedoseev, Secretary of the NTI Olympiad organizational committee, Deputy Head of the NTI task force “Circle movement” tells.


The winners will be able to get 100 points when entering a university in one of 3 disciplines — mathematics, physics or information technology for the NTI Olympiad profiles that are included in the RCSC. In other directions — up to 10 additional points in the applicant portfolio. RCSC list in 2016–2017 academic year included 4 directions. The finalists of the profile “Communication and remote Earth sensing systems (Space systems)” worked on creation of the communication channel and integration of the transfer unit in the satellite network, then they needed to precisely orient a satellite in the space and transfer data. The task in the direction “Autonomous transport systems” included work with three educational kits and transport systems coordinated by a satellite that were created especially for the NTI Olympiad. Participants of the direction “Big data and machine learning” should identify the specified information from data array with the help of their own software. The task in the direction “Smart power energy systems” consisted of design and management of “smart” networks on the specially developed stand that emulates real conditions of a small settlement with the generation objects.

The next launch of NTI Olympiad will be held in September 2017. In 2017–2018 academic year the first foreign launches of NTI Olympiad will be held. One more format that will be tried next year is joint conduction of the Olympics together with APEC countries, to make the scholars from Russia, China and other Asian countries compare their engineering achievements.


NTI Olympiad is arranged by Russian Venture Company together with the Strategy Initiative Agency. Co-organizers of NTI Olympiad: Moscow Polytechnic University (MAMI), Tomsk Polytechnic University, Moscow Aviation University, and Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University of Peter the Great. The leading Russian universities such as MIPT, MEPhI, FEFU, ITMO University and Innopolis participated in development of the separate Olympiad profiles. Next year, Ural and Siberia Federal Universities, Belgorodskiy STU plan to be among organizers. Leaders in work with the talented scholars assisted in holding of the NTI Olympiad: Non-profit organization ‘Lift to the future”, Quantoriums, Educational center “Sirius”.


Photo report from the final stage of NTI Olympiad is published on the RVC. A complete list of Olympiad winners is available here.

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