Rosatom and RVC have concluded a Cooperation Agreement to develop the innovative potential of the organizations subordinate to Rosatom.



March 20, 2017, Moscow — The State Atomic Energy Corporation "Rosatom" and JSC "Russian Venture Company" (RVC) have concluded a cooperation agreement to jointly generate and promote high technologies and innovative developments created at the scientific technical and infrastructural premises of organizations, subordinate to the state corporation "Rosatom". During the NDExpo-2017 Forum, the document was signed by First Deputy General Director — Director of the Block for Development and International Business of Rosatom State Corporation Kirill Komarov and RVC General Director Alexander Povalko.

The agreement aims to form and support active development of new projects and the innovative potential of organizations which are in the control loop of Rosatom State Corporation.

Rosatom today is a global technology corporation with a wide range of competencies capable of sustaining innovative development and achieving a sustainable position in the new high-tech markets of foreign countries. As a participant in the National Technological Initiative (STI), Rosatom can provide projects implemented within the NTI road maps. The strategic directions Rosatom's technological development is focused on today are energy, nuclear medicine and radiation technologies, additive technologies, artificial intelligence and robotics, desalination, water treatment, water purification, technologies of the final stage of the nuclear fuel cycle.

According to Kirill Komarov, "consolidated efforts will provide a multiplicative effect from the technologies and products being created, and ultimately will help Russian companies achieve the leadership in the world market."

State Corporation Rosatom and RVC plan joint activities to monitor and select forms of support for technological developments with high growth potential in the Russian and global markets. The main areas of cooperation include the development of innovative infrastructure, the formation of transparent mechanisms for financial support of projects.

During the partnership Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation and RVC will also join efforts to prepare proposals for improving and optimizing state regulation of the innovation sector aimed as well as for creating favorable conditions for the organizations operating in the field of high technologies.

During the cooperation it is planned to conduct joint events that promote the development of the scientific, technological and commercial potential of the organizations subordinate to Rosatom State Corporation.


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