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"National champions" in Skolkovo: new vision, new initiatives

"National champions" in Skolkovo: new vision, new initiatives

On March 4-5, 2017, the Skolkovo Moscow School of Management Skolkovo, jointly with the RVC, held a strategic session: "A platform for dialogue: new resources, risks and growth points " for private high-tech companies — participants in the priority project of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia "National Champions ". The project aims to provide focused support to companies in various industries and with significant potential to capture domestic and foreign markets.


During the event, the leaders and owners of 30 companies, previously selected for the project upon the results of the National Rating of the fast growing companies "TechUspech" organized by the RVC, could take a fresh look at the business development opportunities, as well as discuss with the invited leaders of federal authorities and development institutions a few proposals for setting up government support measures to promote the growth of companies.

The goal of the event was to help managers formulate strategies for international development of their companies with due consideration of technological and market challenges, as well as identify additional government resources for support of private high-tech companies.

The session was attended by over 50 representatives of companies engaged in manufacturing telecommunication equipment, medical instruments, new materials, information technologies, mechanical and electrical engineering.


The program of the session combined an educational part and group work. During the educational part, Natalia Kaspersky, CEO of the InfoWatch group, co-founder of Kaspersky Lab, and Sergey Kolesnikov, co-founder and president of the TechnoNICOL Corporation, shared their experience of successes and failures of entering international markets. Vladimir Knyaginin, Chairman of the Board of the "CSR" North-West "Foundation, gave a lecture on factors fundamentally changing the industry in global markets and consortiums as one of the universal solutions for overcoming technological barriers.

Besides, the heads of the directions of the Russian Export Center: Elena Maryasova, director of the department of credit and insurance support of the REC, and Konstantin Evstyukhin, managing director for non-financial support of the REC, held a question and answer session for companies on financial and non-financial instruments of export support.

First Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia Gleb Nikitin, State Secretary — Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Russia Oleg Fomichev, Director of the Russian Export Center Petr Fradkov, General Director of the Industrial Development Fund Alexey Komissarov, General Director of the Russian Venture Company Alexander Povalko, President of the LSE "Skolkovo" Andrei Sharonov accepted and evaluated the results of the two-day group work of company executives. At the end of the session, a list of initiatives was developed to clarify support measures for medium-sized technology companies.

The participants highly appreciated the quality of the program, and the heads of the authorities and development institutions stressed that they were ready to continue the substantive discussion of the proposals of the companies and to implement certain initiatives in practice.

"A significant part of the measures proposed by companies during the session are very specific. They aim to solve industry and export support problems. We are already implementing some of these measures, and the others we have taken as our homework and will try to meet these requests together with colleagues from the Ministry of Industry, RVC and the Russian Export Center, "said Oleg Fomichev, State Secretary — Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Russia:

President of the company "Unichimtek", Viktor Adeev, member of the session, added, "I was very impressed that all the support options that we have been speaking about over the last few months are expressly reflected in the documents of the session."


About TechUspech
The rating TechUspech-2016 was organized by RVC in partnership with HSE and PwC and has been held since 2012. Today, the rating is an authoritative and effective tool for the search, monitoring and promotion of promising fast-growing technology companies that in the future should play a key role in the development and modernization of the Russian technology industries. That is why in 2016 TekhUspech was chosen as a base for the priority project of the Ministry of Economic Development "Support for private high-tech leader companies" ("National champions") aimed at providing focused support to companies in various industries and with significant potential to capture domestic and foreign markets.

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