In September 2018, NTI Lessons (Lesson of the National Technology Initiative) will appear in Russian schools. Teachers will receive teaching materials from which, according to the principle of the designer, they will be able to collect a lesson or a series of lessons on their subject.
As part of the Eastern Economic Forum, Sberbank and RVC signed an agreement on cooperation in holding up Great technology competitions. RVC, ASI and Skolkovo Foundation as part of the implementation of the National Technology Initiative initiated the competitions.
On August 27, in the framework of the VI International Forum of Technological Development Technoprom-2018 in Novosibirsk, a strategic session “Technological Leadership of Russia in 2035: the development of new markets and "end-to-end" technologies". The participants discussed the prospects for the interaction of the industrial sector with scientific organizations, the problems of commercialisation and transfer of technologies being created.
34 Russian universities from 25 cities have signed licence agreements with RVC on incorporating the course "Innovative Economy and Technological Entrepreneurship" in the academic programme for 2018/2019, the classes are starting in September. It is planned that the number of operating universities will reach 100, and about 50 thousand students will take the course by 2020.
Russian Venture Company (RVC), Skolkovo Foundation, and Agency for Strategic Initiatives announced the call for applications for Up Great technology contests implemented within the National Technology Initiative (NTI). The first series of contests will focus on addressing global technological challenges and searching for breakthrough solutions in the development of unmanned transport and hydrogen energy.
Unilever, one of the world leaders in the everyday goods market, launches the accelerator for innovative startups in the field of production, storage and packaging of food products on GenerationS, a platform for the corporate acceleration development by RVC. Up to 20 technological projects might participate in the accelerator.
RVC, Skolkovo Foundation and ASI announce the official beginning of receiving applications for the Up Great technological competitions implemented as part of the National Technology Initiative. The first series of the competitions will be aimed at revealing breakthrough solutions in the unmanned vehicles design and hydrogen energetics development.
The RVC Management Board has approved the company's new investment strategy. RVC intends to expand its existing line of investment tools, introduce new standards for cooperation with funds and management companies, and create a comprehensive service platform for different venture capital market players.

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