Hepatera, a Russian biotech company and part of Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund's portfolio, has announced today the inclusion of the first three patients with chronic hepatitis B in the clinical trial phase Ib-IIa of Myrcludex B. Hepatera was founded in 2011 and is focused on the development of innovative therapeutics for the treatment of liver diseases
GIP 2012: Korea is interested in investment cooperation with Russia in hi-tech
GIP 2012: Russia is interested in globalization of innovative technology businesses
GIP 2012: Chinese investors — participants of the "Global Innovation Partnerships 2012" Forum — express interest in expanding cooperation with Russia
GIP 2012: Moscow creates good options for developing innovations
GIP 2012: The Russian Government intends to increase the demand from state and state-owned companies for innovative products
Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund (MBVF), founded with the help of Russian government-backed RVC, announced today that its investment committee approved the terms and the amount of an investment in Eleventa, a Russian biotech company, which was founded earlier in 2012 to develop and commercialize innovative products for the treatment of asthma and other allergic respiratory diseases

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