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Russian Venture Company launches in Boston


Kyle Alspach

Axel Tillmann
Axel Tillmann is the CEO of Russian Venture Company-USA, which opened an office in Boston in September

Russian Venture Company, a Russian government fund of funds, is looking to invest in Boston area startups through a newly-established office here, the CEO of the company's U.S. branch said in an interview Tuesday.

The CEO, Axel Tillmann, said possibilities his group will be pursuing include investing in local startups that would like to host R&D in Russia (which could lead to matching grant funding from Russian organizations); setting up Boston area offices for Russian technology companies; and giving limited partners in the Boston area access to deals in Russia.

"With this bridge, we will have all the abilities of U.S. marketing and Russian engineering talent," Tillmann said. "We can create some very powerful products going forward."

The Boston office, at 420 Boylston St., has been in operation since last September and will have an official opening on Feb. 9, Tillmann said.

Russian Venture Company-USA also has an office in San Francisco, and so far has invested in one U.S. company, BrightSource Energy of California, he said.

RVC-USA has also put money into other investment funds as an LP, including Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund, a Russia-based fund which has an office at 420 Boylston St. along with RVC-USA, Tillmann said.

RVC-USA plans to focus on making early-stage investments, in the range of $1 million to $3 million, into technology, life sciences and semiconductor companies.

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