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RVC Experts Develop the First National Standard for AI in Clinical Medicine

Source: PRIME

Artificial Intelligence. Illustration by designer Mopic
© Fotolia/Mopic

Experts from the Russian Venture Company (RVC) have developed a draft of the first national standard governing clinical trials of medical artificial intelligence systems in the Russian Federation, the company said.

The development of the first edition of the draft national standard was carried out for five months. The technical committee Artificial Intelligence and the Center for Diagnostics and Telemedicine worked on it.

It is assumed that the national standard will regulate critical aspects of AI in healthcare and its role in making medical decisions, the methodological basis of the clinical trials process, the procedure for conducting them, accuracy indicators, audit, and quality control of intelligent medical systems. Until October 2020, interested parties can make remarks, suggestions, and comments to the draft standard during the public discussion.

“For intelligent systems, the incorrect operation of which can lead to human casualties and economic damage, criteria must be developed to ensure the safety of artificial intelligence systems and confirm their effectiveness in real operating conditions. In particular, this concerns artificial intelligence systems used in the health care system and clinical medicine”, the message says.

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