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Public Discussion of an AI Draft National Standard Begins in Russia

Photo: by Anton Novoderezhkin / TASS

The Technical Committee for Standardization “Artificial Intelligence” based on Russian Venture Company presented a draft national standard in the field of artificial intelligence for situational analytics technologies used by intelligent video surveillance systems. The press service of the company reported about it on Friday. Russian Venture Company expects that Rosstandart will approve the document by the end of 2020.

“The Technical Committee for Standardization TC 164 “Artificial Intelligence”, created based on RVC, presented for public discussion the first national standard in the field of artificial intelligence for situational video analytics <...> Adoption of the standard as a national standard will streamline regulatory eliminate technical barriers to the use of such “smart” information systems”, the message says.

The proposed standard became the first in the group of GOSTs that established regulatory requirements in this area. They will determine the characteristics, test methods, and quality assessment of equipment for intelligent video surveillance systems and conditions for its placement.

“Modern video surveillance systems are unthinkable without the use of intelligent data processing technologies that allow real-time analysis of individual images and entire sequences of dynamic events and scenes. Domestic and foreign developers offer a whole range of solutions of this kind. However, the lack of terminological uniformity in this area often puts customers and system integrators in a difficult position, making it difficult to choose optimal solutions for each specific case. The adoption of a new standard that establishes uniform terms and definitions in the field of situational video analytics will undoubtedly contribute to an increase in the effectiveness of the use of such systems and, ultimately, to increase the market interest in using artificial intelligence technologies”, the RVC press service quotes the words of the Chairman of the Technical Committee on standardization TC 164 “Artificial Intelligence” by Sergey Garbuk.

The document was prepared by Videointellekt, a developer of intelligent computer vision systems used in public places with a large crowd of people, as well as at industrial facilities and in other areas. The draft standard is posted on the company's website; comments are accepted until September 16.

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