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Fastest Growing Technology in the Russian Federation Are Named

Source: RIA Novosti

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Trefilov

According to a study by the Russian venture company, the fastest-growing technologies in Russia are artificial intelligence (AI), big data technologies (big data), and robotics and sensors.

The study was conducted as part of a project to create a map of digital economy companies in the SME segment. The map contains an analysis of the activities of about 400 small and medium-sized companies in the field of creating and commercializing products and services based on end-to-end technologies of the digital economy in Russia.

The RVC study included companies that develop quantum technologies in Russia, neurotechnology and artificial intelligence, virtual reality technology, big data, industrial Internet, wireless technology, robotics and sensor components, distributed registries, and new manufacturing technologies.

According to the study, artificial intelligence became the most popular end-to-end technology. Every fifth company is focused on this domain.

“At the same time, such companies also demonstrate the highest growth rates (CAGR of revenue indicators for 2016–2018 — 66%). ... In addition to AI, the leaders, in terms of growth rates, included big data technologies (CAGR 59%), as well as robotics and sensors (CAGR 35%),” the document says.

Neurotechnologies and artificial intelligence became the most patentable (2,935 patents). The peak of their registration was in 2018. Wireless technology can begin to proliferate when deploying 5G infrastructure, experts say.

About 60% of companies developing digital technologies in Russia are representatives of micro-business, with annual incomes of up to 100 million roubles. Over a quarter of companies (26%) represent small businesses with profits in the range of 100–800 million roubles, and 5% represent medium-sized companies with revenues of 800 million to 2 billion roubles.

“This picture can be explained by the fact that medium-sized businesses are faced with the so-called growth problem when the tasks of finding liquidity to ensure large contracts and retaining highly qualified specialists come to the fore. Under these conditions, the development of new technology areas is often out of focus,” the authors of the study explain.

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