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Russia May Become a Leader in the Use of AI in Medicine

Source: Rosstandart

In Russia, national standards for the use of artificial intelligence in the field of healthcare will be developed. The specialized subcommittee of SC 1 “Artificial Intelligence in Health Care” of the technical standardization committee TC 164 “Artificial Intelligence” will carry out the work on the draft standardization documents. The order of Rosstandart approved amendments to the structure of the technical committee.

Work on AI standards in the healthcare field will take place in several areas: clinical testing methodology, programs, and technical testing methods, risk management for pre-training programs, as well as a protocol for changing artificial intelligence algorithms. There will also be standards governing the requirements for the structure and procedure for using the data set for training and testing machine algorithms. The first editions of six national standards will be prepared as early as 2020.

“National standards of the Russian Federation will regulate the key aspects of the application of artificial intelligence in healthcare and its role in making decisions by doctors. Without uniform regulatory technical standards approved by the professional community, the practical implementation of AI in the healthcare sector is impossible. I want to underline that the main emphasis in our work will be placed on practical healthcare. We will not touch on pharmacology and pharmaceuticals,” said Sergey Morozov, the chairman of the SC 01/TC 164, director of the Centre for Diagnostics and Telemedicine.

The use of AI technologies in healthcare is a promising and rapidly developing area in the world. The accuracy and reliability of medical devices used in practice directly affect the safety of work and services in healthcare and the quality of the data obtained, and, therefore, the diagnostic value of the research and the effectiveness of medical care.

“There are no uniform global standards for the application of AI technologies in healthcare. Intelligent systems can optimise and make the doctor's work easier at every stage — from the first meeting with the patient to the diagnosis and treatment. Given the positive assessment of the launch base by foreign experts, Russia has the opportunity to lead this direction of standardization at the international level,” said Alexey Abramov, executive of Rosstandart.

Leading healthcare organizations, IT companies, technology start-ups are invited to participate in the development of documents. The subcommittee has already included more than thirty participants: FSBI VNIIIMT of Roszdravnadzor, Samara State Medical University, GC Medsi, City Clinical Hospital No. 24 (Moscow), ExpertZdravService, Intellogic, Medical Electronic Data, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Philips Innovation Laboratories RUS and others.

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