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Special Representative of the President: the List of End-to-End Technologies of NTI Supplemented by Two Directions

The list of end-to-end technologies, the development of which involves the National Technology Initiative (NTI), is supplemented by two new directions. On Wednesday, at the forum “Winter Island”, reporters said a special representative of the President of the Russian Federation on digital and technological development Dmitry Peskov.

The National Technology Initiative is a long-term program to create new markets and provide conditions for Russia's technological leadership by 2035. The program includes the development of 14 end-to-end NTI technologies, including artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, big data, quantum technologies, new and portable energy sources, neurotechnologies, etc. The NTI's design office is Russian Venture Company.

“The list of NTI end-to-end technologies was expanded at the last meeting of the interagency working group. It introduced cross-cutting technologies “Modelling of materials with desired properties” and “Photonics”, which did not exist before, and for which there have already been developed options for understandable consortia that will compete for the right to become Competence Centres (NTI),” Peskov explained.

The centres of competence of the National Technological Initiative are units that, under the national project “Science,” are created based on educational or scientific organizations. The centres conduct research and educational activities in consortium with leading technology companies in the interest of developing end-to-end technologies. Today, in Russia, there are 14 such centres. Until 2021, state funding of the Centres in the amount of 10.3 billion rubles is provided.

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