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Roadmaps for the Development of Digital Technologies Were Taken for Stress Test

Source: Rossiyskaya Newspaper

Projects to introduce end-to-end digital technologies in Russia, including artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, big data, and quanta will arrange stress tests. They will be held on December 6 and 7 as part of the Global Technology Leadership Forum of Russian Venture Company (RVC) in Sochi with the participation of representatives of the presidential administration, the government office, and experts. The goal is to “understand why it might not work,” said RVC, Alexander Povalko at a briefing, answering a question from Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

According to the government’s decision, each technology received a “curator” represented by a large state-owned company. Agreements on this were signed in the presence of President Vladimir Putin in July 2019. Sberbank received the status of a leading company for the development of artificial intelligence, Rostelecom and Rostec in tandem are responsible for wireless communications technology. In addition, quantum sensors, blockchain, a new generation of narrow-band communications for the Internet of things went into the hands of Rostec. Rosatom led the way in quantum computing and Russian Railways in quantum communications.

These are the technologies, according to authorities, that shortly will determine the economy of the whole world. Due to their wide, cross-cutting application, they can provide Russia with a real breakthrough, Vladimir Putin emphasized at the signing ceremony.

Under the agreements, companies have developed roadmaps for each of the high-tech areas. They cover the horizon until 2024.

Checking the roadmaps for strength through stress tests will reveal the weaknesses of the roadmaps that may block the implementation of plans. They will also help to understand what needs to be done so that projects “take off”, said Alexander Povalko.

According to him, stress testing will be held in a closed format. Representatives of corporations will make presentations. Experts will act as opponents.

“One of the common problems may be the sovereign position of corporations by type: give resources, and we will do everything ourselves,” suggested Mr. Povalko.

This is a fundamentally wrong approach that the world has already outlived, he concluded.

Vasily Brovko, Director for Special Assignments of Rostec State Corporation:


“We have involved all market participants in the preparation of roadmaps. We agreed on cooperation with each fundamentally important player and, in general, did everything for the successful formation of the ecosystem. We hope that if you still missed something, then stress tests will help to identify such omissions and correct them so that on December 20, they submit roadmaps to the government for approval.”

Text: By Julia Krivoshapko.

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