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About Three Thousand Specialists Complete Educational Programs of Rukami Project in 3000

Source: IA Regnum

Project:  Rukami Circle Community Integrator

The school of the organizers of a new type of technological clubs became the final chord of the educational and networking program for the exchange of practices of the Rukami project of the NTI Club Movement in 2019. The three-day intensive brought together the best graduates of the online course “How to create a club”, participants in regional workshops on the creation of 2.0 clubs and project activity mentors. Graduates of the school received certificates of advanced training from REU named after G.V. Plekhanov.

Over the course of three months of the program, more than 400 people took part in regional master classes, about 2,300 registered for the online course, and about 100 group organizers gathered at the final School of organizers. Through practical tools, the participants understood how to achieve the sustainability of the club, how to promote their activities and popularise technical creativity, how to attract new participants to the clubs, how to form a community of like-minded people, how to build a partnership system with companies, universities, development institutions, how to apply the project training model in work with children in the new type of clubs, etc.

During the year, master classes were held on the Boiling Points base in Belgorod, Chelyabinsk, St. Petersburg, Tyumen, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, and Veliky Novgorod. More than half of the hundred participants at the School of Organizers in Moscow came from other regions — from Vladivostok and Anadyr to Chelyabinsk and Krasnodar.

In 2020, a new cycle of the Rukami practice exchange program will begin, relevant announcements can be seen on the project page on the social network.

Rukami is a nonprofit project to promote technical creativity among young people. It consists of three areas: a number of festivals in different parts of the country, the main of which is the Moscow International Festival, the all-Russian contest of maker projects, and an educational and networking program for the exchange of practices for resource centres. In total, more than sixty thousand people attended the regional and Moscow festivals in 2019. Almost three thousand club leaders, tutors, and educators participated in the Rukami practice exchange program.

RVC initiated the project as a critical initiative of the NTI Club Movement Roadmap; the NTI Project Support Fund supports the project.

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