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Ten Russian State Corporations Approved Digital Transformation Strategies in 2019

Ten Russian companies with state participation, including Russian Railways, Kamaz, Rosatom, and Rosseti, this year approved digital transformation strategies following the plans laid down in the digital economy national project. This is stated in the materials for the meeting of the working group in the direction of “Digital Technologies” of the Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization Digital Economy (available to TASS).

According to the federal project “Digital Technologies” of the national project “Digital Economy”, at least 10 state-owned companies should appear digital transformation strategies in 2019, and by the end of 2020, the number of state-owned companies with such approved strategies should increase to 20. By July 2021, approval of at least 30 such strategies is also envisaged. It is assumed that these companies will create demand for “end-to-end” digital technologies in Russia.

According to the document, as a result of requests from the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, sent to more than one hundred companies, about the status of developing digital transformation strategies, responses were received from 73 organizations, in 43 of which, measures are already being taken to create such strategies. In 11 companies (Aeroflot, Russian Helicopters, Sovcomflot, GTLK, and others), digital transformation strategies are structural sections of other strategic documents. In 10 companies (State Rocket Centre named after Makeeva, Zarubezhneft, Information Satellite Systems, Kamaz, Rosenergoatom Concern, Russian Venture Company, Russian Railways, Rosatom, Rosseti, FGC UES) these strategies are approved as separate documents.

Thus, based on this, the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media has proposed that the result of the federal project regarding the approval of digital transformation strategies in at least 10 state-owned companies in 2019 were implemented, the document says. In addition, the Ministry also reported on the implementation of another event under the same federal project on the appointment of at least ten deputy senior officials responsible for the digital transformation of state-owned companies (by the national plan, their number should increase to 20 by June 30, 2020, and by July 2021 — up to 30 people).

“The working group reviewed and approved the results of the implementation of the passport of the digital technology fed project regarding the development and implementation of digital transformation strategies. The results of the event are entirely consistent with the plans: digital transformation strategies were approved in 10 state-owned corporations and state-owned companies that create demand for “end-to-end” technologies. Besides, nearly 40 companies are continuing to develop strategies. To carry out this work, senior deputy officials responsible for digital transformation (CDTO) have been appointed,” said Sergey Nakvasin, the Director of the Digital Technologies branch of ANO Digital Economy, told TASS.

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