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All-Russian Festival of Ideas and Technologies Rukami Hold in Vladivostok

Source: Inform Bureau 20.35

Project:  Rukami Circle Community Integrator

At the festival, inventions and ideas were presented by inventors from all over Primorye.

Lectures and technical workshops were held at the festival venue; an exhibition of the best inventions and makerism was organized. School students took part in radio-controlled cars races , high school students learned to promote their inventions, and students were told how to patent their projects.

This year, RUKAMI festival was held in 11 cities of Russia. It took place in Tula, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Moscow, Belgorod, Novosibirsk, and Chelyabinsk. In October, the event was held in Veliky Novgorod, Krasnoyarsk and Vladivostok. The Rukami Festival of Ideas and Technologies is held for the first time in the Primorsky Territory. Vladivostok is the only city that hosts the festival in the Far East. It was the final among the festivals held in 11 cities of Russia since last May.

“Each regional festival has its thought and idea, and in our festival, we decided to combine two areas that seem unconnected at first glance — these are technologies and handicraft. Therefore, we have carpentry workshops, pottery and VR, and neurotechnology. We decided at this festival to show that the masters and those who work in the digital industry are very close to each other and support each other in their directions,” said Anastasia Artyuk, director of the Rukami festival in Vladivostok, at the opening ceremony.

Masters of modern technology offered everyone to create cartoons, robots from Lego, kinetic mobile, and VR maze. You can also participate in the workshops on neurotechnology and play the game in VR glasses. Several venues represented the traditional craft at the festival. The guests independently created eco-prints on fabrics with natural materials, made wooden phone stands at a carpentry workshop.

“There is a general concept that we carry through all the events — our festival charges with mood, inspiration, and there must be such projects that we need to interact with. We are not interested in the guests being just spectators; they should become participants — to touch, to try, to invent,” said Natalia Smelkova, project manager at Rukami.

She noted that the purpose of the festival is to explain that technical creativity is interesting and not always difficult.

In addition to the workshops, an exhibition was held at the festival site, which presented the development of local inventors. For example, a “jet wing” for human flight, developed in the Primorsky Territory. It has two turbo engines, speeds up to 360 km/h, and rises to a height of 8 km.

A lecture hall worked at the Rukami festival. On the first day, a lecture “How to make money when you are under 18 years old” was held, and a friendly conversation with famous inventors, why it is refreshing to implement your thoughts and ideas. On the second day, a lecture for parents was given by a psychologist on how to invent together with a child. A workshop on creativity and invention was organized for children.

Rukami is a non-profit project initiated by RVC, JSC and implemented by the NTI Project Support Fund. The Presidential Council approved the project for the Modernization of the Economy and Innovative Development of Russia as a key project for the implementation of the roadmap of the Circle movement of the National Technology Initiative. Rukami includes a series of regional maker events showing technical creativity projects, the best of which presented their inventions in Moscow. Within the framework of the project, an educational and networking program for the management teams of the circles is being carried out, which will allow them not only to attract a new audience but also to retain it, forming a sustainable community.

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