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The Executive of RVC: Russia May Become One of the World Leaders in Creating a 5G Network

Source: TASS

Russia may become one of the full-fledged world leaders in creating a 5G communication network, said Alexander Povalko, General Director of Russian Venture Company (RVC), to TASS.

"Today, there is a real chance to create our 5G product and enter international markets. Currently, 5G technology is owned, in various configurations, by China, South Korea, and the United States. Russia may become the fourth world leader in this area; we have a serious chance to achieve this. Technologically, we already have our developments in this area, including those by Novosibirsk companies. So far, no one company can assemble everything on a turnkey basis, but we have everything that we need for the appearance of our 5G system. Moreover, at least we can create a national vendor in this area," said Povalko.

He noted that today, in implementing 5G technology, Russia faces a choice.

"Agree with any level of localization and take a decision, for example, of the Chinese company Huawei, agreeing on the full-fledged production of equipment in Russia according to their technology, or try to create your solution in this area. On the one hand, you are buying a practically ready-made solution; on the other hand, having invested in your product, you create a more stable situation for a long period. Because you're not only getting your equipment but also laying the foundation for a domestic technology school, including the creation of software products," said the executive of RVC.

He noted that Russia's transition to foreign 5G technology is not correct.

"Because we close the possibility for ourselves to develop our production base and our school, which can create a domestic 5G system. Today, there is a real chance to create our 5G product and enter international markets," he noted.

The 5th Eastern Economic Forum takes place in Vladivostok on September 4–6. Its organizer is the Roscongress Foundation. TASS is the general information partner, official photo hosting agency, and moderator of the Far East Presentation Zone for Innovative Opportunities.

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