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The product was offered to use in the wide range

Source: Kommersant.

Yuriy Mitin — About Oz Photo Expert.

The correspondent of “Kommersant FM”, Yuriy Mitin, tells about a company founder who created a soft for detecting falsifications in images and scans.

In 2014, the MEPhI lecturers took on the task of digital forensics. The research engineers delivered a course of lectures on cryptology and cybersecurity. At the same time, the development of the software product that could detect the fact and area of modification in digital images and document scans has started.

Also, at the stage of the project launch, the algorithms for identification of the scanned image authenticity, detection of forgeries specifying the counterfeited area, as well as biometry-based verification have been developed. The product was offered for using in the wide range of activities — both for detection of the attempted fraud in insurance, and in everyday life. For example, dating site. In addition, it was necessary to find the investors, but two years would pass to achieve the goal. Now, the Oz Photo Expert program developed by the former teacher-cybernetist is used in the large domestic companies, such as Sberbank Insurance, QIWI, Information Security System, as well as a partnership agreement is being concluded with foreign companies.

Financial results

The company founder, Artem Gerasimiv, focused in the product presentation. Thus, the startup was awarded prize money at first at Finopolis in Kazan, and then at Skolkovo Cybersecurity Challenge. In 2017, the startup team took the first place in fintech of the GenerationS accelerator by RVC. Starting from 2016, the startup has attracted three rounds of investments for a total amount of more than RUB 8.5 Mio and RUN 5 Mio more in the form grants and prizes at the startup competitions.

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