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Russia approves first standard for IoT

Source: Expert-Ural

Rosstandard has approved the preliminary national standard “Narrowband Fidelity Protocol (NB-Fi)”. The document will be enforced on April 2019. The NB-Fi standard is the first standard approved in Russia for the Internet of Things (IoT). It is based on a completely domestic technology that allows creating wireless data exchange networks between multiple modems on the one hand and multiple base stations on the other. The possibility of its use in large-scale projects has already been proven in practice.

The standard is part of the LPWAN line of protocols that regulate the transmission of small amounts of data over long distances. The use of NB-Fi technology in devices allows ensuring a stable data transmission distance of up to 10 km in dense urban areas and up to 30 km in rural areas.

The production of end devices requires an inexpensive component base with a high degree of nationalization of products.

Russia has already developed a corresponding transceiver, made in the form of an integrated microcircuit, transmitting data using the NB-Fi protocol. The NB-Fi chip allows achieving high sensitivity of signal reception without the use of complex antenna equipment, while maintaining ultra-low power consumption.

The implementation of the standard will unify the principles of information exchange in the IoT market and create an ecosystem of device manufacturers.

Over the next three years, the Technical Committee of Rosstandart 194 “Cyber-Physical Systems”, established at the premises of Russian Venture Company, will conduct a systematic monitoring and evaluation of the application of the approved preliminary standard, which will gain the necessary practical experience of its market application until it is transferred to the status of GOST. First of all, cases of the application of the standard by the participants of the Internet of Things Association, which initiated the development of the standard, will get into the monitoring. The standard is already actively used in practice by market players.

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