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How GenerationS 2017 final passed

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On April 27, GenerationS technical start-up accelerator final was held. Organizers named the winners of the scheduled enrolment that shared the prize fund of 16 million roubles, three grants from the Innovation Promotion Fund in total for 6 million roubles and got special prizes from the partners. This year, accelerator program consisted of seven tracks devoted to financial technologies, agriculture technologies, medical technologies and other industries.

GenerationS is a federal development platform for corporate acceleration instruments. Projects participating in GenerationS receive ample opportunities for business development and investment promotion as well as access to resources and infrastructure of accelerator partners.

Why do corporations need GenerationS?

Maksim Irishkin
Head of innovation projects at Krastsvetmet
We are a mature company and have extensive work experience. It's quite difficult for us, due to people specialization, to find new ideas and business projects inside the company. That is why we actively search for such products outside. GenerationS for us is an instrument to search for the projects.
Vladimir Vorkavev
Head of the Digital Innovation Center of "Gazprom Neft"
We solve several tasks with GenerationS. First of all, this format allows us to tell to the entire innovation community about our requirements and direct start-ups towards the oil industry. Secondly, within the accelerator framework, we try to direct start-ups to the stream way necessary for us, offer them those options they even didn't guess of. It is an opportunity for us to considerably save resources, gain time and get highly motivated human resources.
Arseniy Brykin
Director of external communications at "Roselectronica" JSC, Doctor of Economics
We were thinking of how to combine Russian innovation environment with military-industrial complex and made an experiment - became GenerationS partners and agreed that there will be a special track where we together with the venture business colleagues will train and experiment with the start-ups, which really happened.

How the final passed

The event was held at Tesla Place. The space was decorated in big city style: Banners with metropolis landscape, road marking, signboard, snakbar-wagons and even street lights — everything like on a real street. There were four areas: park, prospectus of perspectives, pitch square and a scene with audience hall.

Partners zone

Paths leading to the representatives of the large companies — accelerator partners are trailed on green lawns. It was possible to communicate with them during the entire evening, ask questions and establish contacts. A street musician played guitar in the park to create the atmosphere.

Prospectus of perspectives

Here, finalists of seven tracks for the whole day represented their projects to the visitors who determined which of them will become finalists. Seven start-ups were selected by voting (one from each track). These teams continued struggling for the prize fund and later presented their ideas to the jury.

Votes could be cast via the application that was developed by the organizers especially for the event. After listening for the project presentation, spectators scanned QR code and got scores. They could cast their vote for a participant only when they got enough scores. Besides, the app included information of the projects, jury members and the event itself, there also was an ability to create a chat with the other users.

Pitch venue / Preaccelerator

In parallel with the main voting, projects of 14 finalists that passed through the Pre-accelerator program were presented. The winners were announced right after the presentations. The first place was taken by the project from Voronezh "Creation of complex admixture for polymers bio destruction". The second place — project "SkinCancerStop, mobile application for early diagnostic of skin malignant tumour", third place — project "Medical robot automated complex to repair motor functions of human organism".

Preaccelerator is a federal training program for startups of early stages (pre-sowing and sowing) to participate in GenerationS corporate tracks. Pre-accelerator includes online training and on-site intensive courses that will help entrepreneurs adjust their products and take the project to the next development stage. A mentor supported each project team during the program.

After the seven finalists were selected, presentation of the projects was held on the main scene.

The following persons participated in judging:

  • Mikhail Antonov (jury chairman) — Director of Innovation Infrastructure Development; 
  • Denis Sekirinsky — Deputy Head of the Science and Education Policy Department (Administration of the President of the Russian Federation), Member of the Management Board of JSC "RVC"; 
  • Pavel Bogdanov — General Partner Almaz Capital Partners; 
  • Gore Nahapetyan — Rector adviser and honorary member of the Association of Advancement of Development MSM "SKOLKOVO"; 
  • Alexandr Chachava — managing partner of venture fund Leta Capital; 
  • Aleksandr Hain - Head of Wincubator (powered by WILO SE); 
  • Brukhard Binder — co-founder and managing director of Lamoda; 
  • Sylvain Theveniaud — managing director of Allianz Accelerator; 
  • Ivan Matveev — A Member of the Management Board of UniCredit Bank; 
  • Alisa Melnikova — Director of the Department of Financial Technologies of the Bank of Russia; 
  • Yaroslav Mandron — deputy CEO of FGUP "Russian Post" for strategy and public regulation; 
  • Iskabder Giniyatullin — partner of the venture fund Sistema Venture Capital; • Yulia Baranovskaya — Russian TV presenter, writer.

Aleksandr Chachava,
managing partner of the venture fund Leta Capital
"We voted for those who understands market and business, and creates quite innovative and technological projects. Start-ups that we selected have good chances to realise themselves."

GenerationS 2017 accelerator winners

The judges selected three projects that shared the prize fund of 16 million roubles.

1 place — 8 million RUB


The team developed a system that allows a driver to get high quality picture of the road with distance of 1.5 km at dark time of the day and in poor visibility. The technology can output the projection on the windscreen, on the standard monitor, connection of the rear camera; it is also affordable and compatible with any motor car type. The main intellectual constituent of the project is algorithm of processing and obtaining of an image in real-time. Advantages of IR WAY system comparing to the existing night vision systems: colourful picture, big size (10 inches screens); picture in permanent visual control area.

Maksim Kuzmin,
IR WAY project leader
The accelerator, first of all, helped us determine further development direction for the project, helped attract investors' and partners' attention to the project, establish business contacts, get expert confirmation that our development of demanded, and actually discover new development directions. Now we develop faster because we were able to see new markets. We prepare a new product release, develop sales system and getting ready to the investment deals.


2 place — 5 million RUB

Project «Hydraulic packer»

A simple and repairable design of the hydraulic packer makes it possible to decrease work term in ratholes of small diameter by 2-4 times and also reduces their cost by 3-5 times due to changed way of including it in work. The procedure of substitution of the corrupted packer elements can be compared to the change of the printing cartridge.

Mikhail Samokhvalov
Leader of the project «Hydraulic packer»
Thanks to the accelerator, we were able to develop our projects and received investment support. Now, we will, according the project roadmap, actively perform modernization of our packer for the oil and gas industry, finalize and launch product on the market. It's cool when you receive support to develop your ideas.

3 place — 3 million RUB

VR Concept

The project will help user groups work jointly with the virtual prototypes. Company solution is delivered as a license with customization ability and used by the customers in industrial, construction and educational sectors.

Denis Zakharkin
Leader of VR Concept group
Within GenerationS accelerator framework and Technet track, we received invaluable knowledge in communication with the experts, improved our business model and oral skills, and gained many new contacts of the experts, directors and specialists in both entrepreneurship and engineering fields. Moreover, we considerable improved our investment presentation by distinguishing our unique and innovation advantages. Besides recognition and money prize that very important for us as a young company, and that motivate to move on with harder perseverance, we attracted attention of the investors, large Russian and foreign corporations.

At the final, the award ceremony for the winners in special nominations from GenerationS partners.

  1. Grants of 2 million roubles for research and development as well as experimental development from the Fund for advancement of innovation were received by IR WAY, unmanned aircrafts platforms with the help of analysis of big data, Geo-Information Platform and system of biometric speech identification Robin. 
  2. Robin won in the nomination from Microsoft. The project will get consulting support of the Microsoft technology and business experts and will get access to Microsoft Azure cloud storage service. 
  3. In the nomination from the Viennese agency Vienna Business, a scoring system based on big data analysis FinCase won, the project will be able to apply for two-year internship in Austria. The team will visit the largest enterprises in Austria, participate in Pioneers Festival and will be able to present the project to the investors and representatives of the international companies. 
  4. The best project in Digital Innovations nomination established by Beeline was iTalk project that ensures synchronous speech recognition during the talk via mobile phone and conversion to the text format. Start-up will get an opportunity to create joint digital products with Beeline. 
  5. EFCO group of companies selected four winners in the special nomination "Biotechnology and genomic in the agricultural complex" — project "Production technology for feeding microbic protein made of disposal vegetable stock". 
  6. The best projects in NTI Marinet nomination are: Yochting, a platform joining participants of the yochting tourism in a single interface, Hydro Tower - marine based cyclonic hydro-electric power station, ProFiShip — smart plant of non-waste processing of marine bio resources, "Technologies of complex ecological safety system and fish processing wastes re-cycling" and "Distributed optic fiber hydro acoustic indicator". 
  7. Winners in the NTI Healthnet nomination are 5 projects: "Development of new antibiotics against MRSA and other resistant bacteria", "Creation of biopolymer matrix for regenerative tissue genesis", yRisk — genetic test to determine cancer risk and "Individual cell engineering biometric construction for bone shaping". The projects selected by NTI task forces will be included in NTI roadmaps and get complex infrastructure, administrative and financial support.

Created by: Ekaterina Borozdina

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