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Three GenerationS finalists to receive RUB 6M from the Innovation Promotion Fund

Source: FASIE

Innovation Promotion Fund is a grant-partner of GenerationS technology start-up accelerator by RVC will provide grants of 2 million roubles to three participants of Dual Technologies and Fintech tracks for research and development as well as experimental development.

The best projects according to the Fund’s expert jury:

  • IRWAY car night viewing system. This product helps the driver of a vehicle and provides him with a high-quality picture of the road with a range of up to 1.5 km in the dark or at poor visibility. Standard headlights of a car with the use of patented technology generate infra-red radiation registered by the night vision camera. Camera signal is transmitted to the standard monitor set on the dashboard panel or projected on the windscreen. 
  • Geoinformation Platform with 3D Interface. The system is designed to solve a range of tasks for unmanned aviation in the unified software interface — from preparation of the mission task to analysis of the received results and preparation of formalized reports. The project multiply increases operational efficiency and performance of unmanned systems and reduces expenses for personnel re-training. 
  • Robin project team will also get a grant; it represented biometric speech identification system. It includes a software package to perform voice verification running on OS LINUX. The project has been already integrated with the main telephone and recording systems — Avaya, Cisco and Genesis.

GenerationS is a unique project the helps qualitatively develop the idea in quite a short term. Acting as a partner, the Fund supports from year to year young innovative companies, financing products developed by them. The result of the hard work of start-ups is already visible now: leaders of the selected projects getting access to the high grade educational service and grant financing successfully represent their projects at the international exhibitions and launch absolutely new product on the market", Sergey Polyakov, fund CEO remarked.

The Start-GenS special competition, conducted within GenetrationS-2017, involved technology entrepreneurs who completed the program of corporate accelerators. The participants defended their projects before the expert jury of the Innovation Promotion Fund. The awarding of the winners took place on April 27, 2018, as part of the Super final of GenerationS.

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