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RVC will help NTI projects receive venture investments

Source: Indicator

Within the framework of the updated investment strategy, RVC will help NTI projects to integrate in the venture funds investment programs including those created with participation of RVC capital. The first step in this direction was presentation of NTI projects to venture investors, in which 15 NTI projects participated, as well as investment managers of RVC Infrafund, Russian-Belorussian fund of the venture investments, RBV Capital, North Energy Ventures, DaVinci Pre-IPO Fund and some other private funds. RVC press-release received by the editor's office reports about this.

Neurochat, Neurobarometer, Semiotik, Live breath, Geoscan, Antionko, Parkomatica teams presented their projects to the investors. If investors liked their projects, they will be included in the financial program.

"We carry out active work to synchronize our venture and acceleration instruments with the purposes and tasks of the National Technology Initiative. As a result, companies at the NTI market will get access to the complete set of the State support services, both financial and non-financial. Funds with RVC capital participation have all enough expertise and are able to help young technological companies in relation to business scaling and launch on the global market", Aleksandr Povalko, RVC CEO noticed.

Such presentations format is very convenient for both parties, Aleksey Basov, investment director remarks.

"This is an important step to extend RVC instruments for NTI projects and market players", he concludes.

Investors notice usefulness of such measures as well.

"Such meetings, first of all, help NTI projects to get feedback from the potential investors and venture community and, probably, determine new development direction for themselves," Petr Lukyanov, Phystech managing partner shared his opinion.

Investors are already interested by some presentations.

"Today we picked out for ourselves several interesting projects we are going to schedule additional meetings with and consider investment opportunity", Aleksey Kanunnikov, director of RVC Infrafund investment direction, managing partner of the Russian-Belorussian venture investment fund commented.

National Technology Initiative (NTI) is a long-term complex program created to ensure leadership of the Russian companies on the new high technology markets that will determine structure of the global economy within the nearest 15-20 years.

Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation named NTI as one of the priorities of the national policy in the Address to the Federal Assembly 2014.

RVC (Russian Venture Company) Joint Stock Company is a Russian company, which main purposes are to stimulate the creation of venture investment industry in the Russian Federation and to increase financial resources of the venture funds. Charter capital is 30 billion roubles. 100% of RVC shares are owned by the State. RVC is engaged in investments via venture funds formed together with the private investors. Today, there are 12 such funds (RVC share in them is about 60%).

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