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Tiredness monitoring system and genetics test determining cancer risk became the best medicine start-ups


In Moscow, DemoDay of GenerationS federal technology start-up accelerator in Agro&MedTech track was held. Members of the expert jury selected two projects on the field of medicine. The winners will participate in GenerationS-2017 final on April 27.

The first place was taken by Warden Machinery project, a system for behavioural analysis for attention focus monitoring and tiredness level of the operators working on transport and complicated processes. The system is based on cognitive neurobiology and machine vision.

The second place was taken by yRisk project, medical genetics test that can determine cancer risk and from personalised oncology diseases diagnostic and prevention program. The test takes into account the sex, age and heredity of a patient and analyses 150,000 mutations in 42 genes.

849 applications were submitted to the Agro&Medtech track this year, 320 of them — for Medicine direction. Besides the medical direction, Agro&MedTech joined start-ups in the directions "Agriculture", "Cosmetics", "Creation of "new food".

On April 27, 2018, the winner teams will represent their projects at GenerationS federal final, where they will fight for the prize fund of 16 million roubles and will get an opportunity to enter into the partnership agreement with the track partners.

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