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GOST for intelligence Artificial intelligence and "smart power energy" will be standardized

Source: Izvestia

Artificial intelligence and "smart power energy" will be standardized

For the first time in Russia, requirements to the digital technology developments will be determined. Rosstandart authorized the technical committee "Cyber and physical systems" to create national standards in the field of artificial intelligence and "smart power energy". Committee's scope of activity was extended in this way. Organization created based of Russian Venture Company (RVC) already develops standards to the Internet of things technology, "smart cities", big data and "smart production".

In 2017, Rosstandart directive organized a technical committee (TC) for standardization of "Cyber and physical systems". Secretary functions, according to the same directive, is fulfilled by RVC. TC task is to develop regulations for the selected technology fields together with the scientist and business community. This is about terminology, data exchange formats, software interfaces, test methods, etc. The committee will also participate in creation of the international standards in order to protect interests of the Russian technological companies on the global market.

Artificial intelligence technology standardization will touch many industries. In the field of public security, it is about image and speech recognition, human behaviour forecast. In medicine, it will influence remote medical consultations, determination of liability to diseases, early diagnostics, and decision-making systems for doctors. Standardization will also serve as incentive for development of the intelligent systems in agriculture, transport and logistics and "smart home".

As explained by RVC, standards in the field of "smart power energy" are necessary to develop new technologies in this industry. It will increase quality of maintenance and monitoring of electric networks, optimize expenses for exploitation.

— Appearance of the standards in the field of artificial intelligence and "smart power energy" will help to eliminate legal barriers to develop new products. It will create conditions for the technological breakthrough in the relevant spheres, Alexandr Povalko RVC CEO told to "Izvestia".

As noticed by Anton Shalaev Deputy Head of Rosstandart, TC "Cyber and physical systems" has already recommended itself as an efficient platform of interaction between the market participants and international standardization centers.

— I am sure that RVC experience in implementation of NTI projects will make it possible to achieve visible results in new work directions in short term, Anton Shalaev declared.

"Cyber and physical systems" TC Chairman Nikita Utkin considers that standardization is the necessary condition for digital transformation of the markets.

— It will allow the unification of the technical requirements and ensure opportunity of joint work of the systems by different vendors, Nikita Utkin noticed.

The expert in power energy, managing partner First Imagine! Ventures Aleksandr Starchenko remarked that the standards are also necessary for compatibility of different user devices.

— The so-called interoperability is required. For example, to make any device connect to Wi-Fi regardless of the model, Aleksandr Starchenko told.

"Cyber and physical systems" technical committee joins scientific and public organizations, technological companies, non-commercial organizations, hardware and software developers. Representatives of "Gazprom Neft" PJSC, "Rostelecom" PJSC, MSU, MSTU named after Bauman, NRU HSE and others participate in the committee work.

Created by: Maria Nedyuk

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