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GenerationS Dual Technologies track winners are announced

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On April 5, final of the Dual Technologies track running at GenerationS accelerator by RVC was held. "RVC Infrafund" and the track partners Voentelecom JSC, Roselectronica JSC and Aviation complex named after S.V. Ilushin PJSC selected 5 bet solutions out of 22 projects; these projects are applicable on both civil and military markets.

Irway project won the first position; it's a night vision system that increases observation by 3-5 times in any weather. It is budget-friendly and suits for any cars, motor boats, yachts (tested on water). It has an ability to make a projection on the windscreen, standard monitor, connect to rear cameras. The technology solution is unrivalled worldwide.

The second place was awarded to the project "Communication transponder-distance meter" with the wireless subscribers positioning technology. A precise geolocation of subscribers is achieved through a narrowband connected channel, which does not require frequency plans and conforms to international regulations. It can be applied in all frequency ranges.

The third position is taken by the Reynolds project: small-size gas-turbine engine for unmanned aviation. GTD 500N drawing bar with the increased TS interval and performance, advanced electric system.

Jury also marked the following projects:

SPARS — individual people rescue system to work on high-altitude objects (1000 meters and more) in extraordinary circumstances when traditional rescue methods are impossible, with guaranteed injury safe landing on any underlying surface or water.

"Geoinformation platform with 3D interface" — unified software complex to solve the entire range of tasks relevant to unmanned aviation in a unified software interface — from preparation of the mission task to analysis of the received results. It multiply increases operational efficiency and performance of unmanned systems and reduces expenses for personnel re-training.

Director of System
and Technical Development Department of Voentelecom JSC Andrey Turin
"We discuss cooperation with 4 or 5 teams and we work on the joint projects with one of the teams. Several projects may be of interest in perspective. In any case, we will try to produce pilots for every start-up. Now we are interested in young teams that need technological support in first turn. For the program period, the projects grew up and today they are absolutely different."

Created by: Nikita Statsenko

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