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Michael Antonov: thanks to federal support companies are given a hefty boost

Source: RIA News


This year has presented for the sixth time the results of the annual rating among start-ups "TechUspech-2017". Mikhail Antonov, Deputy CEO and Innovation Infrastructure Director at RVC has spoken with RIA News about why the rating is efficient in searching start-ups and what support the government is providing today.

— Why do you think this rating is necessary? How do you assess the results of this year and what are the current trends among the companies?

— In 2012 RVC highlighted that the medium-sized technology business was not taken seriously by development institutions and federal authorities. It was then that we decided to conduct the first TechUspech rating and assess the potential of this segment. The rating showed that there were lots of technology companies, able to produce outstanding high-tech products, competitive both on the domestic and global markets.

For five years TechUspech has been seen as the efficient instrument for searching such companies and in 2016 it was recognized as the official means of selecting companies for "National Champions" project, organized by Ministry of Economic Development with the purpose of providing direct support to multi-industry companies with significant achievements in creating and applying new technologies.

In 2017 more than 250 companies submitted applications for "TechUspech" rating. Among the winners were 113 companies with the total revenue of 285 billion roubles and the average revenue growth of 30%. I do insist that innovation is the main reason why the rating's companies can grow — the share of innovative products in the revenues of technology companies is 57%. Among the rating's positive trends is the leadership of small technological business with innovative developments. The number of such companies in the rating has increased by 20%, and now their share from the total number of participating companies has increased to 50%. Importantly enough, it is these companies that spend most of moneys on technological innovation — 26%, which is the highest result among all categories of the rating’s companies.

The experts who analysed the projects have noted that pharmaceutical companies are on the rise — the current rating has 16 companies against 12 last year. The segment also prospers in terms of average revenue — 2.7 billion, only second to oil and gas equipment — 4.3 billion

Next year we envisage the rating to become one of the main tools for searching promising companies for global NTI markets. The heads of companies are of the same opinion. 76% think that their developments can be put to good use under the NTI. 53% of companies either already have such a product or are working on it. Most of the developments are in "Healthnet" and "Safenet".

Acting as NTI’s agents, we are offering support and investment tools (following the renewed RVC strategy), helping the companies to interact with federal corporations and other development institutions.

— What enabling mechanisms does the Russian government provide for such companies?

Today the government is mainly focused on creating a holistic set of supportive methods, including through development institutions. It implies developing an innovation ecosystem and resolving the problem of "personnel shortage" by introducing new modern models of university education, and forming a comfortable legal regulation for technology businesses, which is mostly done by RVCA. We are also engaged in increasing domestic demand for high-tech products.

The major measure of federal support is the above-mentioned "National Champions", a priority project by the Ministry of Economic Development. In 2016 the project included 30 companies from the "TechUspech" rating, this year 40 companies have been selected into the final round. Governments of other countries provide additional measures so that their companies can grow much faster and can challenge major players both on domestic and global markets.

— How will this program of supporting national champions stimulate the expansion of companies to the global market?

— The expansion of companies to the global market is ensured by both financial and non-financial support: we support entrepreneurs in foreign markets, conduct educational programs and popularize entrepreneurship in regional centers. The companies receive consulting and organizational support from our partners and experts, representatives from the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, RVC, ASI, HSE, Russian Export Center and others. Thanks to this support the companies can strategize how to grow in global markets of new technology.

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